Overloaded at Work? 5 solutions to Work-Related Relationship Issues

Posted 15 Sep 2015


Nicola Beer

Overloaded at Work? 5 solutions to Work-Related Relationship Issues

Work stress is not the only way our work can interfere with our relationships. Being too busy at work can cause havoc in relationships also. Here are 5 of the common problems I see associated with being overloaded at work and proven solutions that have worked for those I have helped … Work Interference Problem

1. You literally don’t get to see each other

Frequent travelling and living in separate countries can leave the bond between you to breakdown. The saying “Absence only makes the heart grow fonder” is true if it’s a one off and temporary in my opinion. 

2. Too busy to save the marriage

I sometimes meet couples who know what they need to do to save their marriage, but find they are too busy with work to do it. Perhaps you have already sat down a few times and talked about your problems, stated what you would like changed and what your partner could do to make it better. But find nothing ever changes! If you are fed up with talking over the same problems again and again, then it’s time to commit and take action. This is one of the main things I help couples with, without sounding too much like a coach, you need to set realistic goals for change to happen and start small.

3. Too exhausted to be intimate

Frequent travel, long working hours, demanding clients and a barrage of emails to respond to, can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. The last thing on your mind may be getting intimate with your partner, but unless you plan it (even if only in your mind) days, weeks or months may pass by. Many find that planning in special evenings and alone time, where they can be intimate solves the problem. As often, in order to connect there needs to be time for affection and meaningful conversation as well. Having evenings or lie in’s planned, can make a huge difference to your relationship. 

4. Depression caused by work

I have helped several couples move forward and become more united where one is depressed. Symptoms of workplace depression may be Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness to change the work environment... Loss of interest in daily activities. ... Sleep, appetite or weight changes. ... Self-loathing. ... Frustration or irritability. ... Loss of energy. ... Irresponsible behavior if you are depressed by work… Hiding the problem won’t make it go away, you need to address it and get help if you need too. One positive step you can take is to share what your feeling and thinking. 

5. Too busy to date or keep a relationship going

Darren before we started working together in my dating program; “securing an irresistible partner” would often blow off interested and attractive women with work commitments. Work had always come first for him, so he couldn’t see how his behavior was destroying his relationships. He didn’t find it hard to find women, but often failed at keeping the ones he liked interested. Being married to your work is a mistake many of us make, awareness is the first step to having the relationship you deserve. If you are fed up of being on your own, you need to make room for a relationship and commit to taking action. If you find like me, that only things that are in your calendar happen, then start scheduling in dating evenings or weekend activities in your calendar.

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