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Healers: What Can They Heal?

Posted 02 Sep 2018

Alternative Medicine

Samar Ajami

Healers: What Can They Heal?

To heal is to be whole.

It is our true nature to be whole and happy. The circumstance and conditions of our lives impact our personal psychology and affect how the various themes in life get filtered through our body, mind and spirit. The ripple effect of the filtering creates a lack of awareness about our innate wholeness. This distorts the relationship that we have with ourselves and also with the world outside.

The process of getting to know ourselves for who we truly are, creates an inner condition for change and healing to happen. The human body has a tremendous power to heal itself. However, this natural healing power needs to be harnessed by an ongoing commitment to deepening our understanding of our body, mind, feelings and Reality AS IT IS.

Healing is simultaneously simple and complex. It is a shift in perspective that enables us to see that the problems and their solutions, the difficulties and the resources that are available to overcome them, are all within us. It is the path of claiming leadership and abandoning victimhood.

Often times, while the circumstances may remain the same, we will develop the ability to deal with them in an entirely new way.

When we stay open to broader views on Reality, a shift in consciousness takes place. We know that consciousness exists in every atom, so the shift then implies that our vibrations are changing at the atomic level, which is at the deep core of healing.

How does healing work?

Ancient cultures have used various modalities to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. Today, there are many healing schools and trainings with different approaches whose goal is addressed primarily at tapping into the inner life force within us.

Studies in quantum physics state that all living organisms are energy systems and that they are all interconnected with each other. The individual energy fields of human beings are sustained by the universal energy source. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm. 

Think about the following:

  • Have you wondered about the miracle that is happening inside of your body since the time of your birth?
  • In other words, have you thought about the genius mechanism that makes your heart beat, your lungs breathe, and is actually responsible for the 144,000 functions inside your body?
  • Who controls this mechanism?

We can say that this mechanism is actually the vital life force that flows from the universal energy source.

When a person’s energy field is imbalanced, he or she may develop physical or emotional conditions. A trained practitioner would know how to restore back the energy pattern flow in the body.

Essentially, our bodies are designed to heal. It is our birthright to enjoy a healthy and joyful life. The key is for us to cultivate an understanding of the interrelationship within our body, mind and spirit; and the inter-connectedness of everything in the universe. This opens the gateway for a greater relationship with wholeness and creates more intimacy and aliveness in our life.

There is no single path to healing, yet all healing paths have the same goal, and that is to take us back to who we truly are. Whether the model for healing is based on the tree of life, or on the chakra energy system, or on the meridians and energy pathways, or on breath-work- just to name a few modalities- participants have the potential to awaken and to broaden their awareness of what is real.

Who can heal?

The gift of healing rests within us all. It is not a gift given only to a few. However, we need to make an effort to tap into our healing resources.

It takes commitment, effort and kindness to claim back the aspects of ourselves that we have left behind as we were growing up. Those aspects may not be consciously accessible to us and this is where we need support from the outside.

Even then, we remain to be the active participants in our own healing. Neither doctors nor trained practitioners can take away from us the responsibility that we hold towards ourselves.

The real healer is yourself. The ultimate healer is the Creator.

To pursue healing, whether we are doing so to train as practitioners or for our own self help, it requires of us the following:

  • A willingness for growth and transformation;
  • An open mind; and
  • Humility and radical honesty.

Each of us has a tremendous opportunity to take a leap jump towards a new level of consciousness.

We deserve it and we owe it to ourselves.

Energy healing is a complimentary modality. It does not exclude or replace Western Medicine.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi

I’ll be covering more about Healing in upcoming blogs; in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me if you would like further information or assistance. 

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Open Your Eyes (and Minds) To Hypnotherapy

Posted 01 Jun 2016

Alternative Medicine

Naser Al Riyami

Open Your Eyes (and Minds) To Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is branch of psychotherapy where the therapist talks the client through thought experiments to effect behavioral change. Having been a healing tool since ancient times and across civilisations, it’s been used for anything from holistic healing ‘sleeps’ to surgical anaesthesia to resolving psychological issues such as fears and phobias or traumatic memories.

Though an effective healing tool, misunderstanding of its processes have been a huge barrier to its take up. Though the research is rife, some people question the very existence of hypnosis and its usefulness. This resistance has historic roots in mystical and religious interpretations of the hypnotic process. In general, people refuse to understand hypnosis as a participatory mental function and instead regard it as a mind control mechanism or one that relies on nefarious forces and beings.

The 1950s advent of stage hypnosis for entertainment, alongside its relative dismissal in the scientific and medical communities, naturally fortified these intellectual barriers. Because in my experience trying to dispel beliefs about hypnosis and replacing them with correct understandings is both futile and not necessarily required for the change process, I just ask that you assume I know what I'm talking about when I say those beliefs are plain and simple: wrong, unfounded and ridiculous.

Instead let me explain a few models of human behavior. The first is one of the mind. Of course it's important to first distinguish the mind as a process, rather than an organ like the brain. This first model separates the mind into three processing levels: unconscious, subconscious, and conscious. These levels are not mutually exclusive, however they develop at varying rates and are dependent on different mechanisms and values, while ultimately providing development goals. The unconscious mind is concerned with growth and movement. It’s a highly automated and instinctual process and runs body functions such as heart, breathing and perspiration rates and muscular tension, etc. The subconscious mind is our memory bank and is primarily concerned with passive learning, survival and sustainability. The subconscious processes generate automated systemic responses through storing and making associations between beliefs, emotions and habits. Finally, the conscious mind is the thinking mind which generates processes such as criticism and analyses through the filter of attention. The conscious mind processes information the slowest when compared to the subconscious and unconscious, but it's a more active process.

The second model deals with information. The mind interacts with the external world by either receiving information from it, or generating information into it, and this is done through our visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory systems – in other words, the five senses. All information passes through three main process filters: delete, distort, generalise. The deletion of information lies in the limited resources theory from economics. Each of our senses is limited in range, magnitude and direction, however the most relevant limitation is that of attention. We generally don't pay attention to many everyday stimuli, like the sensations on the skin of the big toe on your right foot. Think about it and you’ll notice how attention ‘brings’ sensation, realising that at most other times you’ve deleted the sensations from your awareness. Just for kicks, pay attention to the big toe on your right foot. Attention also distorts the information. We understand the world based on our previous experiences and existing beliefs. Anxious people are hyper alert to danger, racially vigilant individuals notice very slight differences in skin tone and ethnicity, and war time PTSD survivors are hyper vigilant to loud banging noises for example. A very similar phenomenon occurs based on our mood at the time where we see the world gloomy and dark when we are sad and conversely bright and colorful when we are happy. Finally, generalisation is the way we learn and translate information to problem solving strategies. We identify and define experiences then classify them categorically. It’s how we control the overwhelming amount of information the world around us provides.

Finally we have the habit, or behavior model. Every behavior is preceded by a belief and succeeded by an evaluation of outcomes which subsequently feeds back into the belief, either reinforcing belief and behavior or extinguishing them. Though a range of behaviors is preceded by a range of beliefs and succeeded by a range of evaluations, sometimes overreactions and nonlinear behaviours occur. Evaluation is a complex act of thinking and feeling, and thinking about our thinking, thinking about our feelings, feeling about our thinking, and feeling about our feelings, and so on. But what is thinking? And what is feeling?

Thinking boils down to creating images and sound in your imagination. Feeling is a syndrome of physical sensations connected to a preconceived categorization that groups those sensations under a certain emotional response. Remember learning about the fear response in high school or the fight-flight-freeze response? Does that memory entail you seeing yourself, the class or the textbook in your imagination or hearing your teacher, or maybe your own voice? When we are threatened we feel fear, which releases adrenaline causing increased heart rate and shallow breathing, it also constricts blood flow to the digestive and reproductive systems while increasing blood flow to the skeletal muscles, causing shivers and perspiration. In fact fear and excitement share many physiological features, and awareness of this similarity can be a valuable tool for overcoming fear.

To gain a better understanding of hypnotherapy-in-action, follow my recent challenge of rehabilitating smoker Hans Fraikin using the power of the subconscious as documented by The National for By the way, I’m an ex-smoker myself who quit with the help of hypnotherapy.

These habits stem from our subconscious mind, where you store things you have learnt through experience, association and attaching emotional quality to them. A smoker is motivated by that even when the act itself is counterproductive. Hypnosis can break that behaviour by entering the subconscious and reworking the associations between the meaning and experience.


Follow Naser’s next blog to find out how all these understandings come together to produce therapeutic change. For a full view of the video, please visit The National Newspaper.


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How To Get The Healing Touch

Posted 27 Feb 2016

Alternative Medicine

Nirmala Natarajan

How To Get The Healing Touch

To heal and be healed is our birth-right. We display the healing touch in different ways, a lot of the times, unconsciously. Cooing to a baby, listening with sympathy to someone in distress, hugging, caressing, offering words of comfort, all these bring about deep healing. Sometimes, just being there for someone going through a stressful situation with understanding and compassion can bring positive change. We are not just helping the other person but ourselves too.

Healing has a ripple effect. We help ourselves as much as the other party when we choose to be kind, caring and loving. However, can everyone feel this way about the other? Can we all choose love and compassion in dealing with our family and friends? Can we forgive and trust? Can we accept the other? Well, to do so, we need to first love, accept, forgive and trust ourselves.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, a very simple yet profound touch healing technique, the toes and fingers hold the key to all our organs and bodily systems. A new-born baby sucks its thumb and toes. Its innate wisdom knows that therein lies its comfort. The thumb represents worry, the index finger - fear, middle finger - anger, ring finger - grief and the little finger holds the attitude of pretence or trying too hard. The toes have corresponding emotions. In the process of individualisation, all this is forgotten. We run to doctors at the slightest sign of a cold or an upset tummy.

You may have noticed that some people bring brightness and cheer simply by being there. I think it’s important to be a healing presence in the world but to be this, we need to first explore and understand ourselves better.

How can I offer someone a drink from an empty cup? I need to fill it up first. Similarly, we need to fill ourselves up with love, gratitude, compassion, understanding, kindness and forgiveness before we give it to others. It doesn’t mean we can’t have anger or anxiety, fear or guilt, hatred or jealousy - we are, after all, humans and may, from time to time, experience all or some of the these feelings. We need to understand and own these feelings, not judge them. To include these feelings and allow them to co-exist with other more positive and more acceptable emotions such as love, joy, kindness and trust is vital. Splitting off the ‘bad’ emotions, not wanting to acknowledge them can result in blaming and projection. We then split off from our true selves and believe that the world is bad and we are good! We then start looking at the world as the perpetrator and ourselves the victims. So, to heal others, we start by healing ourselves and living with greater awareness. By instinct, our egocentric mind splits pieces of itself into good, the bad, the ugly, the bold and the beautiful. It then decides what is needed and what is not, to appear good or appropriate in the external world. Wholeness does not exclude anything, it is intent on including all of our strengths and weaknesses with kindness. Healing happens when we begin to live with the wisdom and acceptance of who we are. With self-acceptance, self-love, self-forgiveness and self-trust follow. We are then able to transmit to others through what Dr. Ann Brennan calls ‘Harmonic Induction’.

Trained healers generally understand that we are magnificent beings of light. They try to live in an awakened state. From this place, they are able to transmit the same awareness and understanding to the client, who then also begins the journey to re-discovering the self. That’s the healing ripple effect.

Several different healing modalities are practised today. Most of these techniques are aimed at knowing oneself at a deeper level so that healing the other is but the next step. For people interested in nurturing their innate healing abilities, workshops are available which can enhance their passion. Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Pranic Healing, Energy Healing, Kabbalistic Healing, Etheric Healing, Sound Healing, Mudras, Cranio Sacral Therapy are a few names that come up.

Ultimately, it is about caring for all life on earth. If we can look at each of creation, both as unique to its purpose and yet part of the grand scheme of the cosmos, then healing is present already. It is in that state that magic is possible. Unconditional love has no opponent. If we can live every moment of our life with the intention to love ourselves and the world and knowing that anything that does not include love is not in alignment with our truest nature, then we become beacons of light, walking the planet, shining our light. Wars can be averted, poverty can be addressed, disease can be contained. All that is required is a collective consciousness, carrying the same energies and intention. This is the ultimate healing touch. It belongs to us and we belong to it.

You can leave a comment below or  request direct advice from Nirmala.  We have also provided you with a list of businesses offering Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki  and Crystal Healing.

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