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IVF Specialist Dr. Monikaa Chawla Tells How to Double Your Chances of IVF Success

Posted on 17 Aug 2017
We all know that the heat during the peak of summer in most countries, including the UAE, is sometimes unbearable. We manage it by hiding out in our apartments and offices with the AC on full blast. But it’s not all bad news – and for those trying to conceive through IV... read more
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Exercising In Pregnancy Through The Trimesters

Posted on 30 Sep 2017
In my previous blog we looked at what it meant to embark on a “Fit Pregnancy” and some of the advantages of exercising throughout your pregnancy.  An Increased likelihood of a shorter labor, less medical interventions during birth and a quicker bounce back to pre-p... read more
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4 Must-Do’s For A Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Posted on 03 Feb 2019
Welcome to Pregnancy! This is the start of an Incredible journey, the beginning of Motherhood! This extraordinary and special journey can also be a time that we experience the hardest and most challenging moments of our lives. So much change emotional, mental and physi... read more
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