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How To Get The Healing Touch

Posted on 27 Feb 2016
To heal and be healed is our birth-right. We display the healing touch in different ways, a lot of the times, unconsciously. Cooing to a baby, listening with sympathy to someone in distress, hugging, caressing, offering words of comfort, all these bring about deep heali... read more
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Open Your Eyes (and Minds) To Hypnotherapy

Posted on 01 Jun 2016
Hypnotherapy is branch of psychotherapy where the therapist talks the client through thought experiments to effect behavioral change. Having been a healing tool since ancient times and across civilisations, it’s been used for anything from holistic healing ‘sleeps’ to s... read more
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Healers: What Can They Heal?

Posted on 02 Sep 2018
To heal is to be whole. It is our true nature to be whole and happy. The circumstance and conditions of our lives impact our personal psychology and affect how the various themes in life get filtered through our body, mind and spirit. The ripple effect of the filtering... read more
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7 Game Changers Reshaping The Wellness Industry

Posted on 01 Nov 2016
Let me say from the outset that this article is based on my personal opinion, experience and discussions with clients, doctors and businesses I work with. I am writing this article from Kripalu, the largest not for profit yoga based retreat center in North America whic... read more
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