I Love Being Pregnant Because


I Love Being Pregnant Because

Posted 04 Feb 2020

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Rhian Adams

I Love Being Pregnant Because

A moment in my tummy. A lifetime in my heart.♥️

As a mommy who has just recently given birth to our second child - my advice to expecting parents would be to enjoy the journey because it’ll all be over in a few months!

From a post-partum perspective, when I reflect back on some of my most memorable moments during pregnancy, I admit that I really loved being pregnant.

For many women the symptoms and experiences of pregnancy can be very tough. Face it, none of us really dig heartburn, swollen ankles, fatigue or lower back pain. If this sounds like something you are currently going through - just remember,  it’ll all be over in a few months and in all that it brings, it will be entirely worth it! Because you’ve just experienced the biggest miracle of all – our ability to give life to another.

Here are some of my favourite parts of the nine-month journey up to giving birth.

1. People care about you a whole lot!
Even if they don’t know you! Whether it’s making sure you have enough food or drink, ushering you to the front of a shopping queue, giving you priority in the toilet cubicles or finding you a place to sit down even if you really prefer to be standing.  If you plan to cross the road, the traffic stops instantly.  People really do roll out the red carpet and conversation tends to be all about YOU!!!

2. People give you the BIGGEST smile when they see you!
People look at your stomach and can't help smiling, it’s as if they can see through your bump the beautiful little baby curled up inside, one woman said I make her day a lot brighter when she sees me, and of course you cannot help but smile back.  The miracle of a new life and new innocent little baby growing inside is so precious.

3. You can feed your face with more cereal!
I have to work hard to keep a desirable physique all year round, it means staying around 1700 kcals a day, and with an appetite like mine I have to make sure I eat clean food so I can eat a lot more of it! Being Pregnant means my calorie needs are higher and I can have an extra bowl of porridge or special K at any point during the day.

4. I can, and did eat foods that bloated me!
Cucumbers, broccoli, Oatmeal, eggs, chick peas, give me an embarrassing pregnant looking bump.  So being able to eat them and not have to worry about my bloat showing through my clothes is another form of freedom! This may be the only time in your life when you're supposed to expand like a balloon. You don’t worry so much about your bodily insecurities anymore, instead you feel an overwhelming admiration for your body

5. You can wear whatever the hell you like!
I mean, I wore my husband’s XL white buttoned shirt to my baby shower, paired with a navy skirt and a red head band, when things start to not fit don’t worry! It’s an unspoken rule that you can wear whatever feels comfortable during your pregnancy journey.

6. You can eat between workout sets!
One of my favourites, dealing with nausea, a hungry baby or just because pregnancy makes you want things that you wouldn’t usually want at strange times of the day, including the middle of the night.  I happily enjoy a protein bar during my workouts these days.

7. You da bossman!
Your speaking for two of you, so what you want to do is what counts. People take pressure off you to come to their events, your pregnant, people understand.

8. Pregnant snuggles are the best!
Being in bed next to your partner’s hands resting on your bump as the baby kicks. You should savour this moment. 

9. We blossom together with our partner
Nothing is more perfect than that moment you get to watch the person you love becoming a parent from kissing your bump before work, to read parenting manuals and attending pre-natal classes, your partner will become a parent long before the baby is born.

10. Preparation for arrival is filled with excitment
Getting to name another human being. Shopping for tiny clothes, nursery furniture, and adorable room decorations.

11. Listening to the sound of your baby's heartbeat
The joy of seeing my little girl being able to see the real baby on screen as her hand gasps  at the “boom boom boom” of the heartbeat on screen during the scan – this feeling is indescribable.

12. Feeling your miracle kick for the first time
This is nothing short of amazing, and will really make the pregnancy feel so much more real. Imagine it as the baby’s method of communication.  Feeling your baby kick in the third trimester definitely feels like baby is communicating with you, secret communication.

13. Watching the magnificence of the body as it adapts
Amazing skin glow or maybe the bigger chest that pregnancy brings, especially for those of us rocking A and B cups, it’s certainly nice to have a cleavage.  Or is it that we won’t have another period for at least another 12-18 months!!

14. Witnessing our mind go into inspiration overload
 I loved the mystery of not knowing who I will bring into this world. Of course, I knew it was a boy, but the excitement of eye color, hair color, who he would look like, who he would follow in his little ways. And how my little girl (2 years) would be with him.

15. Knowing you’re on maternity leave
Maternity leave also means good quality time with family and a chance to share special moments together.


Along with all my favourite parts of pregnancy itself, my husband and I also get to be the bearer of great news to all our friends and family, especially the grandparents and siblings and witness their excitement. 

I train expecting mothers in different programmes, so if you want to have a fit pregnancy or would like to give this gift to a family member or friend, I’d love to hear from you.

In health and happiness


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Chantelle Alvarez says:

10 months 3 weeks ago
I loved being pregnant three times as well. We women are so very lucky to be able to carry life in our tummy. Great blog post Rhian.

Rhian_Adams says:

10 months 1 week ago
Thanks so much for your encouragement Chantelle. We really are, and we are so lucky to carry them in our arms and in our hearts.

Terina Faure says:

11 months 2 weeks ago
A great, realistic and playful account of pregnancy that all of us females can relate too. Really enjoyed reading this and passing on to my friends who are preggers, who can relate to all 15 points.

Rhian_Adams says:

10 months 1 week ago
Thanks so much for your comment Terina, and really glad that you find its relatable!