How Sound and Song Can Heal

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How Sound and Song Can Heal

Posted 17 Aug 2019

Mind & Body Health

Carol Talbot

How Sound and Song Can Heal

For eons, mystics have been telling us that it is sound that creates matter and form. Mystics believe the world is a reflection of infinite combinations of sound patterns while the Aborigines, who have walked the earth for over 40,000 years, say that the world was sung into existence.

Our planet, and everything on it is energy that is vibrating. Your thoughts are vibrating. Your feelings and your desires are vibrating. All of your sense organs are reading vibrations and translating them into different forms of information such as light, taste, touch, smell and sound. When you hear sound, you are hearing energy. And when you create sounds, and that can be through your words and language, you are transmitting energy.

For the human brain, words have a meaning and a sound. Your brain associates with the words as well as the sound and intention, emotion and intensity. Perhaps you can remember your parent using a soothing voice to calm you down when you fell over or hurt yourself.

Vibration and frequency go together. Everything vibrates at different frequencies, including you. The frequency is the rate of vibration and tells you how high or low the sound is, for example, a low pitch equals a low frequency and a high pitch equals a high frequency. All matter is governed by sound frequencies and YOU are matter. That means you are governed by sound frequencies and carry a certain frequency. All parts of your body vibrate too. A healthy body has a frequency between 62-72 (M)Hz. When your frequency drops, your immune system is compromised. It’s as if your body and your cells have their own song and when you tune into that, you can experience a profound balancing and alignment. This is what sound healers do; they direct frequencies into the body to restore harmony.

Just for a moment, consider what is manifesting in your life right now in the areas of abundance, love, relationships, career, finances, health, friendships and family?

Your life is in harmony with the vibration and frequency you are sending out, so are you creating harmony or dissonance?

To give you an example of how this works, imagine plucking one of the strings on a guitar. If there is a second guitar next to it, then the same string on the second guitar will start vibrating to align with the string that was plucked on the first guitar. The first guitar affects the second guitar. Now, if you stop the sound of the string vibrating on the first guitar by placing your hand across it, does the second guitar also stop vibrating? No, because if you then remove your hand from the strings on the first guitar, the second guitar will now affect the first guitar. It’s a two-way street.  What you send out into the world bounces right back at you whether that be love, or lack of love, abundance or a lack of abundance.

With every word you say, every sound you make, every thought you think and every emotion that you feel you are impacting your energy, vibration and frequency in some way, thereby impacting what you are creating and manifesting in your world. Simply put, sound affects how matter vibrates… and that means sound can affect how YOU vibrate.

So how can you start creating shifts in the sounds you make to impact you and your life positively? It starts by simply using your own voice.

Now I’m not suggesting you pick up a microphone and hit the stage or make your way to the nearest karaoke venue! I’m talking about self-created sounds such as humming or sounding an elongated vowel sound. It’s easy and scientists studying the effects of self-created sounds have found that as well as enhancing your well-being, these sounds also increase oxygen in the cells, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase lymphatic circulation, reduce levels of stress related hormones and many more benefits.

To get you started with a simple self-created vocal sound to tone, use the “AH” sound. The “AH sound is said to be a sacred seed syllable – a primordial sound of creation and a sacred mantra in many Eastern traditions. Begin by taking a slow, deep breath and allow a simple “AH” sound to be expressed on your out breath. Start by making a gentle “AH” sound three times and then be in silence and observe your experience. Next you can experiment with tone and volume, always taking time to be in silence after. What you may discover is that the “AH” sound can bring about a state of inner peace as well as give you a ‘feel’ for using your own voice.

The great genius, Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” And start singing!

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Margot says:

1 year 1 week ago
How does this concept link to the happiest countries in the world index? I would have expected to see countries such as where these practices are well entrenched in the culture and traditions such as Nepal and India-to have a great level of happiness.?

Carol_Talbot says:

1 year 1 week ago
Interesting observation Margot and I do not have any statistics or facts to link sound to the happiest countries. What I do often consider are the sounds that surround us on a daily basis - cars, trucks, construction site, air conditioning - and what impact they have on our nervous systems. We live in a world of noise these days... and not always pleasant ones!

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