Helping You Deliver on Your Citizenship Commitment
& Give the Gift of Happiness
There are two things the world needs more of – laughter and happiness! The Happiness Orb is a unique approach to citizenship rooted in entertainment, learning and legacy. It provides you the opportunity to inspire audiences and to join in the movement towards taking action and caring for the world we share

Because your employees, kids, families, customers and business partners want to know you care about their health, well-being and happiness as much as they do - incorporating a ‘happiness space’ into your event promotes positive corporate citizenship

The Happiness Orb will enritsch the lives of those you care about by helping them smile a little more, laugh a little louder, live a little longer. The programme has been designed around the three faces of happiness for mind, body and soul – helping people to understand how to live a less-stressed, more inspired and happy life. Find out how