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My 4 Tips For Healthy Relationships

Posted on 07 Apr 2019

When you start dating someone that you could see yourself settling down with, the last thing you think could happen is that you’d be too busy with life for one another? The problem is that we are unable to see or understand what things could become until we have actually experienced it. We feel so in love and all about one another in the beginning that it’s hard to imagine life any other... read more

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Perhaps you are driving to the office or taking the dog for a walk and out of the blue, a new thought comes into your mind. Whether it’s what to have for dinner, where to go on holiday or a long lost friend, where do your thoughts come from? Every single second of the day it’s estimated that you receive two million bits of information streaming in to your nervous system through your eyes... read more

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A Gift to You: Self-Forgiveness

Posted on 02 Mar 2019

‘Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself’ Rumi In my last blog I focused on the act of forgiving others. In my clinical practice and personal quest for integration, I am becoming more and more aware of the power of self-forgiveness. I have noticed that even when people can forgive others, it is self-forgiveness which often presents the stuck point. Self-forgiveness for the purposes of... read more

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Are you the kind of person who would see a glass of water as half full or half empty? Do you experience life as a challenge to be endured or as an opportunity to grow? Let’s say you go to a party with a couple of friends. The next morning you call one of your friends who proceeds to tell you how awful it was; the music was terrible, the caterers got it all wrong and the people were dull. Y... read more

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In tandem with physician approved medical treatment, yoga can be a wonderful way to boost your endocrine system and reduce allergic reactions.   The air you breathe One of my clients has been told by her doctor that the only way to alleviate her sinus symptoms is to move to a less dusty climate; desert environments are one of the worst places to live if you have dust allergies.... read more

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Welcome to Pregnancy! This is the start of an Incredible journey, the beginning of Motherhood! This extraordinary and special journey can also be a time that we experience the hardest and most challenging moments of our lives. So much change emotional, mental and physical. Pregnancy, or should I say GROWING a human, is tiring enough, without additional daily commitments such as work, being ... read more

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Over the decades, stories of forgiveness have often been reported in the media, on reality TV shows, YouTube channels and movies. This topic receives so much attention because the act of forgiveness is commonly viewed as something that human beings struggle with. Being of South African origin, Nelson Mandela’s story of forgiveness after being imprisoned for 27 years has been an inspirationa... read more

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How To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

Posted on 09 Jan 2019

Do you greet the start of each year with joy or are you filled with stress and angst when you think of what needs to be done in the 12-months ahead? While technology has gifted us with the opportunity to communicate with others all over the globe easily, you may not be aware that your words, your emotions and your very presence are communicating to others more loudly than you think.  A... read more

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What you can do to help a loved one to overcome their eating disorder. Barbara and her husband Dan came to me seeking help with their marriage. We commenced our work on clearing resentment and actions to bring them closer together. Although they told me that a key problem for them was communication, I discovered that what they were really lacking in, was the time to communicate and connect. ... read more

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How often have you sat in traffic willing the car in front of you to go faster as you nervously glance at the time on your dashboard? Or found yourself counting the number of people in the queue and changing from one queue to the next as you aim to join the fastest queue? Have you found yourself using phrases like: ‘I am so disorganised’ or ‘I need 25 hours in a day’? We are a... read more

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