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Omegas have been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s, ADHD and heart disease. Apart from helping with depression and anxiety, there are a few other compelling reasons why you may want to add more omegas to your diet this year. 1. Helps with depression and anxiety In this crazy fast-paced world, many suffer from depression and anxiety, which usually goes undetected until well developed.&nb... read more

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Can I Slow Down or Stop Aging?

Posted on 07 Jan 2018

Is it possible to slow, stop or even reverse the ageing process? The function of every living organism is to survive but the only inevitability of survival is that we will also stop doing so. Every fear and for some, neuroses, emanates from the fear of death. It is difficult for all of us to comprehend a world where we are no longer present. So, one of the holy grails of science has been the... read more

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In the 1950s there were a couple of hospitals in Saudi Arabia with only 10 Saudi physicians which did not even represent 10 % of the total number of physicians in the country. During the past five decades, the Public Healthcare sector has experienced rapid growth. Today there are 462 hospitals and 21,000 Saudi doctors. Saudi Arabia is experiencing demographic and epidemiological transition, ... read more

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Loay Hisham Nazer is a well-known business figure both in Saudi Arabia and the world. Besides being the founder of the Nazer group, he is also its chairman. Additionally, he is the chairman of Bupa Arabia, a Saudi owned health insurance in accordance with the requirements of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. Bupa Arabia is a publicly listed com... read more

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Every year thousands of people across the globe attend courses and buy books on goal setting, goal getting and personal achievement. Yet they never reach their true potential or put into practice the tools and techniques that they have learnt because they simply go back to the way they’ve always done things. They then wonder why their life is not quite the way they imagined when they were y... read more

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Heart disease – Is it reversible?

Posted on 04 Dec 2017

I received a very thoughtful and interesting question recently asking, “If 90% of heart disease is preventable, why are all forms of cardiovascular disease still our most common cause of death and disability?” The commonest cause of heart disease is atherosclerosis which is the progressive build-up of fat, inflammatory tissue and calcium in the walls of arteries over many decades. When t... read more

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Heart disease remains the number one killer globally, closely followed by cancer. In the UAE, 30% of deaths are due to heart disease — an astounding statistic, given that 90 per cent of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are preventable if you find out early that you are at risk and make positive lifestyle changes. One of the best tests you can have to find out your risk of heart disease is kn... read more

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Did You Know Your Heart Has a Brain?

Posted on 05 Nov 2017

As we move deeper into the 21st century, new products, new technologies, unexpected opportunities and unforeseen challenges lie ahead.  This is a time when you are going to have to tap into your potential and intelligence to meet those challenges as you move forward in life. Intelligence can be described as a mental ability for reasoning, the ability to learn, understand things and solv... read more

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Fitness is an important part of MY life AND the life I'm bringing into this world.  I'm here to help you be your healthiest and happiest throughout your pregnancy and as a mum. In my previous blogs, I have shared the benefits of exercising throughout pregnancy and also how to approach training in each trimester in order to exercise confidently and safely up until the birth of your baby.... read more

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Category  |  Fitness Pro, VIP Personal Trainer and Online Coach

In my previous blog we looked at what it meant to embark on a “Fit Pregnancy” and some of the advantages of exercising throughout your pregnancy.  An Increased likelihood of a shorter labor, less medical interventions during birth and a quicker bounce back to pre-pregnancy body shape were just a few of those benefits.  Check out my previous blog or my video explaining the benefi... read more

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