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Carol Talbot

NLP Master Trainer & International Bestselling Author

I am here to enritsch your life by helping you to think and feel differently using the tools and techniques that I have mastered over years of training and practice. I am a life-long seeker, learner and explorer; an international speaker, master trainer and authority on Neuro Linguistic Programming with a passion for empowering shifts in thinking, perception, consciou... read more


Dr. Ross Walker

Heart Health & Wellbeing Specialist

Dear Enritschers – delighted to be an Expert on and to offer my skills and experience to enritsch the lives of this community. I am a Cardiologist with a passion for people and health, based in Sydney but representing our industry in different countries all over the world including in the UAE. I combine the best aspects of orthodox medicine with eviden... read more


Rhian Adams

Fitness Pro, VIP Personal Trainer and Online Coach

Hi Enritschers!  I am a self-driven, highly dedicated fitness pro coaching a diverse range of people on how to live their dream life. In the last ten years I have achieved more than I ever imagined possible. I am truly thankful for every opportunity that has come my way and how it has shaped me to be the person I am today. I use my accomplishments to inspire, l... read more


Nicola Beer

Marriage & Relationship Transformation Specialist

Nicola Beer is a world-renowned expert in family and marriage relationships, best-selling author and podcaster. She supports individuals to overcome difficult times in their relationships, to love themselves and have passion for life. Trained in Counselling, Psychology, NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy she offers a holistic approach to get lasting results. International... read more

Dr Ottilia Brown

Dr. Ottilia Brown

Clinical Psychologist

There are few things as humbling and rewarding as being given access to a client’s experience and life journey. With this privilege comes an enormous responsibility to provide an integral space that facilitates exploration and growth and encourages a willingness to venture into difficult and uncomfortable places. I primarily work with late adolescents and adults an... read more


Dr. Salah Zaki

Anti- Aging & Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Egyptian-born Dr. Salah Zaki has more than 35 years’ experience in the medical field. Licensed to practice medicine in the US & Egypt, he is a Physician and a Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon, certified in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine and in healthcare management by the American College of Healthcare Executives (USA). At the start of his career, ... read more


Elaine Kelly

Yoga & Wellness Coach

Elaine Kelly is a yoga teacher/trainer, Wellness coach and Massage therapist with over 20 years’ experience in the health industry in the Middle East. She first discovered yoga in her early 20s while at university in Canada. When Elaine moved to Dubai in 1994, she trained as a fitness instructor and later became a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist. A ... read more


Ahlaam Ali

Wellpreneur | Contributing Writer

Founder of three health & wellbeing companies - Powwer Jars, Powwer Living and Pure Vegan Love, Ahlaam is also an author, lifestyle coach, contributing writer for Khaleej Times and an international speaker on health and wellness. Winner of the Middle East Business Achievement Award from amongst 250 companies, everything she does is motivated by her mission to emp... read more


Alexander Woodman

Global Health Expert | Contributing Writer

Alexander is an award-winning writer from Los Angeles, California and University of California (UCLA) honors graduate. Currently based in the Middle East, his academic research interests are in global health, international health policy development, transnational and trans-cultural health politics, medical ethics and visual culture. ... read more


Dr. Monikaa Chawla MD FRCOG (UK)

IVF & Miracle Creation Specialist

Dr. Monikaa Chawla is a Reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist practicing the subspecialty for more than 20 years. Education: She completed her MD in 1998 and was awarded the membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (MRCOG) in 2004. She went on to complete her fellowship in Reproductive medicine at the prestigious Guy And ... read more

How do you show up in the world each day? Do you smile to your colleagues when you enter your workplace or are you wearing a frown?     Did you know that like a 24/7 radio, your thoughts, self-chatter, energy, emotions and presence are loudly communicating to others! In fact, your thoughts and feelings are constant broadcasters, sending and receiving information at e... read more

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It has often been said that man can put a space rocket on the moon but cannot cure the common cold. It appears that we may be closer to ridding the planet of this annoying scourge. Although the common cold is not life-threatening, it certainly disrupts your life, makes you feel dreadful for a few days and also is an extremely common cause of workplace absence. The common cold is significantl... read more

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Motherhood is the most extraordinary journey that we as women will ever experience, but it is also probably the hardest and most challenging journey of our lives.  So much change!  Emotional, mental, physical change and so many demands on time. Inevitably, with a newborn baby to look after, while running a household and often with careers to manage as well, when you are exhausted a... read more

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Get Anything You Want. Here’s How.

Posted on 03 Jun 2018

When you wake up in the morning, how do you know to be you? Unless you’re wearing a pair of pajamas with your name neatly inscribed on the top pocket, or have a name tag clipped to the bed post, how do you know? Upon waking, perhaps you reach for your phone, or tap into some memories or look at yourself in the mirror as you make your way to the bathroom.  It’s as if for a few secon... read more

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Narcissism is a word many of us have heard but very few are familiar with. Unless of course you have  been told by a psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor or well-meaning friend that the person you have described in your family or romantic relationship is a narcissist. Narcissism lies along a spectrum so symptoms and intensity can vary, however simply put, narcissism is a label generall... read more

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Category  |  Emotional Health

The Power of Self Reflection

Posted on 20 May 2018

In my blog posts in March and April I highlighted the importance of plugging into you and identifying certain aspects of who you are with reference to uncovering values, strengths and passions. I was suggesting that you start engaging in the powerful process of self-reflection. I want to expand on this process in this month’s blog as it really is the foundation for developing self-awareness... read more

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Category  |  Emotional Health

Food is an imperative part of our lives. It is also an integral part of the aging process.  “We are what we eat” is a famous saying because the foods we eat affects everything about us; from our physical health and appearance, to our mental health, emotions and even social interactions. The types and quality of the foods we eat can affect our physiology and anatomy either in positive... read more

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Category  |  Nutrition

Prevention is better than cure. It makes sense doesn’t it? If we treat our bodies like the gifts they are, we will have less need for medical intervention and, by extension, less illness. However, over my career I’ve found some medical professionals like to talk the talk rather than walk the walk. In my opinion, there are many reasons why much lip service is given to preventative health,... read more

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Category  |  Wellbeing

We know beyond any doubt stress can be detrimental to our health.  It might be work-related, family issues or simply having a lot on our plates, but stress is something we need to combat if we are to lead healthy, happy lives. In today’s post, I’m going to share a few simple breathing exercises that will help to lower stress levels and expand your lung capacity allowing more oxygen ... read more

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How To Live Your Life With Purpose

Posted on 07 Apr 2018

Everyone is talking about it… finding your purpose! People are often engaging in philosophical ‘What is the point?’ discussions. You might be involved in these discussions and be wondering about your own purpose. These thoughts and discussions may awaken feelings of discomfort or anxiety in you. On the other hand, you may have found your purpose, but you’ve veered off course because o... read more

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