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Dr Ottilia Brown

Dr. Ottilia Brown

Clinical Psychologist

There are few things as humbling and rewarding as being given access to a client’s experience and life journey. With this privilege comes an enormous responsibility to provide an integral space that facilitates exploration and growth and encourages a willingness to venture into difficult and uncomfortable places. I primarily work with late adolescents and adults an... read more


Carol Talbot

NLP Master Trainer & International Bestselling Author

I am here to enritsch your life by helping you to think and feel differently using the tools and techniques that I have mastered over years of training and practice. I am a life-long seeker, learner and explorer; an international speaker, master trainer and authority on Neuro Linguistic Programming with a passion for empowering shifts in thinking, perception, consciou... read more


Jeanne Bedard


To all readers and eaters! It’s a pleasure for me to be part of the Enritsch community and share my nutritional care approach and knowledge. Do you struggle with closing the gap between what you know and what you eat? Are you ready to go beyond the « one size fits all » approach and diet pitch, become more mindful where it counts, give up on chronic dieting and ch... read more


Anna Wallenten

High Performance Coach

My name is Anna Wallenten and I am a Peak Performance Expert from Sweden. Since 2008 I have made it my mission to understand what makes people come alive and how I can I become a leading expert in my field as I master in the art of human potential. I am obsessed with maximizing human potential through individually designed custom-made action plans matching every clie... read more


Amy Gilbert


To all the Enritschers - I hope to find you all in good health and hope you are moving freely and pain free! It has been a privilege for me to contribute to recovery and injury prevention since 2009. In Abu Dhabi since 2012, Women’s Health is where I invest a lot of my time to raise awareness, quality of care standards while teaching and treating patients. All aspec... read more


Nicola Beer

Marriage & Relationship Transformation Specialist

Nicola Beer is a world-renowned expert in family and marriage relationships, best-selling author and podcaster. She supports individuals to overcome difficult times in their relationships, to love themselves and have passion for life. Trained in Counselling, Psychology, NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy she offers a holistic approach to get lasting results. International... read more


Elaine Kelly

Yoga & Wellness Coach

Elaine Kelly is a yoga teacher/trainer, Wellness coach and Massage therapist with over 20 years’ experience in the health industry in the Middle East. She first discovered yoga in her early 20s while at university in Canada. When Elaine moved to Dubai in 1994, she trained as a fitness instructor and later became a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist. A ... read more


Rhian Adams

Fitness Pro, VIP Personal Trainer and Online Coach

Hi Enritschers!  I am a self-driven, highly dedicated fitness pro coaching a diverse range of people on how to live their dream life. In the last ten years I have achieved more than I ever imagined possible. I am truly thankful for every opportunity that has come my way and how it has shaped me to be the person I am today. I use my accomplishments to inspire, l... read more


Samar Ajami

Healer & Wellness Coach

Dear Enritschers, I am delighted to be able to reach many people through this platform as a facilitator for health and wellbeing. Fluent in both Arabic & English, I am a passionate traveler and a life-long learner. I have studied at leading healing schools around the world, and am a Nondual Healer, a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, a Brennan Healing Science Practit... read more


Dr. Ross Walker

Heart Health & Wellbeing Specialist

Dear Enritschers – delighted to be an Expert on and to offer my skills and experience to enritsch the lives of this community. I am a Cardiologist with a passion for people and health, based in Sydney but representing our industry in different countries all over the world including in the UAE. I combine the best aspects of orthodox medicine with eviden... read more

Outsourcing Your Self

Posted on 16 Sep 2019

‘Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.’ - Rumi Outsourcing is a business practice that was adopted in the 1980s as a cost cutting measure. The idea is to contract certain company functions out to other companies or countries that can provide the service for a lower price. This worked well for a while until labour costs started rising in these countries. Outsour... read more

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How Sound and Song Can Heal

Posted on 17 Aug 2019

For eons, mystics have been telling us that it is sound that creates matter and form. Mystics believe the world is a reflection of infinite combinations of sound patterns while the Aborigines, who have walked the earth for over 40,000 years, say that the world was sung into existence. Our planet, and everything on it is energy that is vibrating. Your thoughts are vibrating. Your feelings and... read more

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Category  |  Mind & Body Health

How do you choose the quantity of food you eat at meals and snacks? Most wellness plans and diets you might have tried give you more or less strict guidelines about the portions and when to eat.  When people diet intermittently, we notice that following a novel rigid structure tends to deplete their cognitive energy. This can lead to a sense of loss of control seeking full food freedom, ... read more

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Category  |  Diet & Weight Management

Morning Rituals For Your Success

Posted on 13 Jul 2019

Greetings Enritschers! I feel so honoured to be part of this incredible community, and to have the opportunity to share my obsession with you all: To inspire people to maximize their full potential, so that they can raise their standards and step into their personal leadership in every area of their life! So here is a question: Are you aware of the fact that every single day when you wake up... read more

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Category  |  Wellbeing

Create The Reality You Want

Posted on 27 Jun 2019

From the moment you are born and come into this world you are infused with the single greatest force in the universe; the power to translate the possibilities of your feelings and thoughts into the reality of your world. To fully awaken your powers may require a subtle change in the way you think of yourself and a shift in belief. Beliefs are those convictions that you hold as being true and... read more

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Category  |  Happiness & Health Coach

Imagine being able to talk openly and freely about your journey post birth, and have someone with an expert ear to guide you through the process of healing. Picture a fourth trimester where the change that your body went through is addressed with the same empathy and understanding as the former three. It is a relief to find tools and solutions to symptoms that impact your quality of life but ... read more

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Category  |  Pregnancy & Childbirth

The Healing Powers Of Gratitude

Posted on 05 May 2019

‘Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life’ - Rumi A dear old friend and I met for dinner at a beautiful restaurant in Dubai. We found ourselves reflecting on how amazing it was that we could be there together and enjoy something so spectacular, especially given the life struggles we had both experienced. My being filled with an intense feeling of gratitude. ... read more

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Category  |  Mind & Body Health

Managing Hunger & Diet

Posted on 05 May 2019

Common wisdom says that one should not go grocery shopping whilst hungry! From experience, this piece of hunger insight can be extrapolated to help you see body signals as an ally of productivity and health... Perhaps you have been on many weight loss diets or wellness plans. You might feel like you get hungry “too fast” or “too often;” you might think you lack willpower or see hunge... read more

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Category  |  Diet & Weight Management

Good morning lovely Enritschers! I feel so honored to be part of this incredible platform, and to have the opportunity to share my obsession with you all: To help people maximize their full potential, so that they can raise their standards and step into their personal leadership in every area of their life! So, the question I want to ask you today is: Are you in love with yourself? Yes, I ac... read more

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Category  |  Mind & Body Health

My 4 Tips For Healthy Relationships

Posted on 07 Apr 2019

When you start dating someone that you could see yourself settling down with, the last thing you think could happen is that you’d be too busy with life for one another? The problem is that we are unable to see or understand what things could become until we have actually experienced it. We feel so in love and all about one another in the beginning that it’s hard to imagine life any other... read more

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