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Dr Ottilia Brown

Dr. Ottilia Brown

Clinical Psychologist

There are few things as humbling and rewarding as being given access to a client’s experience and life journey. With this privilege comes an enormous responsibility to provide an integral space that facilitates exploration and growth and encourages a willingness to venture into difficult and uncomfortable places. I primarily work with late adolescents and adults an... read more

Marita Harrold

Marita Harrold

High Performance Wellbeing Coach

Integrating talent development, well-being and engagement strategies to deliver quantifiable business results. Marita excels at designing and delivering strategic bespoke wellbeing, coaching and learning solutions to organisations with budgets of all sizes. A recognised corporate wellbeing expert her unique approach integrates the principles of wellbeing, engagement,... read more


Rhian Adams

Health & Wellness Coach | Influencer

Hi Enritschers!  I am a self-driven, highly dedicated fitness pro coaching a diverse range of people on how to live their dream life. In the last ten years I have achieved more than I ever imagined possible. I am truly thankful for every opportunity that has come my way and how it has shaped me to be the person I am today. I use my accomplishments to inspire, l... read more


Anna Wallenten

High Performance Coach

My name is Anna Wallenten and I am a Peak Performance Expert from Sweden. Since 2008 I have made it my mission to understand what makes people come alive and how I can I become a leading expert in my field as I master in the art of human potential. I am obsessed with maximizing human potential through individually designed custom-made action plans matching every clie... read more


Amy Gilbert


To all the Enritschers - I hope to find you all in good health and hope you are moving freely and pain free! It has been a privilege for me to contribute to recovery and injury prevention since 2009. In Abu Dhabi since 2012, Women’s Health is where I invest a lot of my time to raise awareness, quality of care standards while teaching and treating patients. All aspec... read more


Carol Talbot

NLP Master Trainer & International Bestselling Author

I am here to enritsch your life by helping you to think and feel differently using the tools and techniques that I have mastered over years of training and practice. I am a life-long seeker, learner and explorer; an international speaker, master trainer and authority on Neuro Linguistic Programming with a passion for empowering shifts in thinking, perception, consciou... read more


Jeanne Bedard


To all readers and eaters! It’s a pleasure for me to be part of the Enritsch community and share my nutritional care approach and knowledge. Do you struggle with closing the gap between what you know and what you eat? Are you ready to go beyond the « one size fits all » approach and diet pitch, become more mindful where it counts, give up on chronic dieting and ch... read more


Nicola Beer

Marriage & Relationship Transformation Specialist

Nicola Beer is a world-renowned expert in family and marriage relationships, best-selling author and podcaster. She supports individuals to overcome difficult times in their relationships, to love themselves and have passion for life. Trained in Counselling, Psychology, NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy she offers a holistic approach to get lasting results. International... read more


Elaine Kelly

Yoga & Wellness Coach

Elaine Kelly is a yoga teacher/trainer, Wellness coach and Massage therapist with over 20 years’ experience in the health industry in the Middle East. She first discovered yoga in her early 20s while at university in Canada. When Elaine moved to Dubai in 1994, she trained as a fitness instructor and later became a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist. A ... read more


Samar Ajami

Health & Wellness Coach | Influencer

Dear Enritschers, I am delighted to be able to reach many people through this platform as a facilitator for health and wellbeing. Fluent in both Arabic & English, I am a passionate traveler and a life-long learner. I have studied at leading healing schools around the world, and am a Nondual Healer, a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, a Brennan Healing Science Practit... read more

‘And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?’ - Rumi This journey into the self is rewarding, tortuous, enlightening, excruciating, exhilarating, gut-wrenchingly painful and incredibly liberating. You will notice I intersperse the good with the uncomfortable, simply because it is uncomfortable. Yet once we settle into the discomfort, honour that which comes up, and disc... read more

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Boundaries are the limits and rules that we put in place in the context of relationships but also within ourselves regarding what we will allow to filter into our being. Boundaries apply to different areas of life and thus there are different types of boundaries: Physical boundaries are about personal space and physical touch. Intellectual boundaries refer to respecting thoughts... read more

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The Business of Wellbeing

Posted on 15 Jul 2020

“I take the greatest enjoyment and purpose by giving my people an environment where they can thrive.”  Toto Wolff, Team Principal, Mercedes F1 Every great team and company are built on a strong foundation of energised leaders, a culture of high performance, a passion for sustainability of the business and an investment in its people. Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of... read more

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Do you always feel nervous whenever your menstruation cycle is close? Or dread the thought of your social plans and training around your ‘time of the month’ because of how different you may feel in your body and also in your mind.  Menstruation is normal, and its part of life for most women and normal to menstruate each month for about 3 to 7 days. Research shows that the fluctuation... read more

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We are adapting to a life of social distancing, bearing in mind that this was not a gradual process. One minute we were doing ‘normal’ life and the next our schools were closed, and our jobs moved home. For some us this adaptation included losing a job or working decreased hours and hence facing financial constraints in addition to the ongoing uncertainty of when this will be over. Our s... read more

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We are living in an unprecedented time faced with a global crisis that inextricably affects all of us. This is undoubtedly like nothing we’ve lived before and the sheer scale of effect is still to be completely comprehended. In short, humanity is in crisis. Some of us are experiencing anxiety and grief for the first time. Grief for the loss of our lives as we knew it, grief for what will ne... read more

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I Love Being Pregnant Because

Posted on 04 Feb 2020

A moment in my tummy. A lifetime in my heart.♥️ As a mommy who has just recently given birth to our second child - my advice to expecting parents would be to enjoy the journey because it’ll all be over in a few months! From a post-partum perspective, when I reflect back on some of my most memorable moments during pregnancy, I admit that I really loved being pregnant. For many women t... read more

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The Art of Giving… and Receiving

Posted on 23 Jan 2020

My inspiration for this blog came from my current personal journey of learning to receive. I experience the act of giving materially, emotionally and spiritually as one that comes very naturally to me… The act of receiving was less comfortable for me. And, as when one is open to learning from the universe, I have been receiving so much lately, highlighting the discrepancy for me between my ... read more

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Ways To Manage Loneliness

Posted on 04 Nov 2019

‘Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you’ - Rumi Loneliness has become the emotional pandemic of our time. A crushing emotion that can sometimes be hard to recognise and causes so much discomfort. It has been defined in many ways… a sense of isolation and disconnectedness; dissatisfaction with social relationships; a perception of being alone… The poignant features of t... read more

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What would happen if you got to the end of your life and realized you never lived your full purpose? Imagine waking up in the middle of the Liwa Desert, being surrounded by tranquility, silence and endless dunes flowing into infinity representing the full potential of who you actually are. See yourself walking into the dunes breathing in your future self and breathing out your victim self! H... read more

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