The Spa at The Address, Dubai Mall
The Spa at The Address, Dubai Mall
The Spa at The Address, Dubai Mall
The Spa at The Address, Dubai Mall

The Spa at The Address, Dubai Mall

Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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This sweet and sugary body polish exfoliates and softens your skin while the scalp massage, using the luxurious Shiffa Relaxing Hair Oil, stimulates your mind and soothes your scalp. To complete the exfoliation, a luxurious Sweetness Body Lotion is applied from head-to-toe leaving skin nourished and refreshed.
This detox and wrap uses various forms of Marine Algae to release and eliminate the body of toxins. Begin your reviving session with an exotic Bamboo Scrub to exfoliate your skin in preparation for the body wrap. A detox cocktail mix, based on your skin requirements, is applied from head-to-toe to cleanse and detoxify
This heavenly Arabian Milk bath takes you to a whole new level of relaxation for your mind, body, soul and overall sense of wellbeing. The rich nourishing goat’s milk leaves your skin soft and silky smooth.
With micro particles of lava, exfoliating sponges with bitter orange extracts and bamboo, this intensive scrub will leave the skin’s flexibility and elasticity restored.
A refreshing ritual, for the face and body, blended to provide the perfect citric experience. The result leaves you with softened, nourished and luminous skin.
This treatment starts with a slimming massage to stimulate blood circulation then a green tea and kelp wrap is applied for 30 minutes activating the cells metabolism. This leads to visible and measurable inch loss after just a few sessions. Boosted by foot and scalp massages, your total relaxation enables the skin to rediscover its suppleness and firmness.
Diamond Lifting Experience facial is a genuine multisensory cosmetic lift and is the first concept in the beauty world developed to regenerate and energise the skin. The union of sophisticated ingredients with anti-aging properties penetrate to the deepest layers, bringing the necessary firmness to help the skin regenerate itself. Diamond Lifting Experience reinforces the natural system of defence of the skin. It maintains a long lasting hydration and improves the elasticity and the cutaneous tone. It has an anti-stress action and it gives back the natural brightness to the skin. It acts more in the surface for a lifting effect.
A treatment using high concentrations of revolutionary active ingredients to even skin tone and prevent aging as a result of pigmentation disorders. Your therapist starts by applying a powerful peeling that combines pyruvic acid and lactic acid to deeply renew the skin. Then an intense anti-spots concentrate stimulates the elimination of hyperpigmentation and reduces dark spots of different sizes, depth and intensity. This technic prevents the formation and accumulation of new pigment and stops creation of new areas with uneven pigmentation.
La Alternativa diminishes expression lines and wrinkles and offers a cosmetic alternative to micro-injections and other aesthetic medical procedures. Your therapist will apply a non-invasive wrinkle relaxing solution composed of targeted ingredients in the Inhibit Collection. Octamioxyl is the most effective inhibitor of facial contractions and Lipofiller adds volume to the skin by filling existing deep wrinkles and effectively re-countouring the face.
This intensive collagen treatment is designed to combat wrinkles, loss of elasticity and reduce the appearance pigmentation. After a deep cleanse of the skin, including a peel to encourage cell renewal, you will enjoy a fatigue-removal face massage. This treatment is completed with the application of a collagen mask and kneading acupuncture movements, whilst massaging the arms and legs. The results are radiant skin and a visible reduction in the signs of aging. Anti-aging technics include traditional Japanese and Thai (Ridokis and Nouat-na) tools to stimulate circulation and tone the skin.
If pregnancy, hormonal change, medications or sun burn have blemished your skin, let our facial help you. This specialised treatment lightens the skin using glycolic acid in addition to intensive clarifying ingredients. Undesirable spots will be considerably diminished and your skin’s tone will become noticeably even. The unparalleled benefits of an oxygenating massage, coupled with the clarifying power of pure oxygen, provide effective results that are magnified with each step of the treatment.
A thoroughly cleansing facial that includes expertly performed extractions through a nearly imperceptible removal technique. The stimulating mask, with a deliciously foamy texture, effectively releases its moisture, soothing and revitalising the skin.
Two powerful senses, smell and touch, are combined through a relaxing massage and a soothing fragrance from essential oils. Choose from a selection of exotic scents extracted from natural plants and flower oils and re-energise your body and mind.
This treatment eases muscular tension by concentrating on the tight and stressed muscles of the neck, back and shoulders.
Experience a variety of traditional massage techniques from the island of Bali. Gentle stretching, acupressure and aromatherapy oils stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and Qi-energy around the body. Relax, increase your circulation and feel spiritually renewed.
The anatomy consists of a constant flow of energy, which unites the body with reflex points on the feet. This specialised treatment reduces tension and alleviates the effects of stress to improve circulation and to restore the body’s natural balance.
Restore a sense of well-being with this relaxing foot massage
Allow yourself to be immersed in a state of relaxation and healing. The heated stone massage encourages deep relaxation and soothes muscle tension, rebalancing the body, mind and spirit.
Allow your body, mind and soul to unwind as your therapist works the muscles with agile and graceful strokes. The long smooth movements done in parallel stimulate your muscles to release the tension. This healing art form provides a sense of well-being, a rested mind and a relaxed body.
This prenatal massage uses Shiffa's famous pregnancy massage oil and Rose Bliss Balm to ease the strain and stress put on the body. The soothing stroking movements relieve tension, ease the feeling of heaviness and stimulate the circulation to reduce areas of swelling and inflammation. The perfect calming treatment for expecting mothers to pamper themselves!
A perfect deep restorative treatment for tight and stressed muscles where Swedish massage and cross muscle fiber techniques meet with stretching and drainage using essential oils that revitalise the body and enhance the blood circulation.
A deep massage and art form steeped in ancient tradition. Using pressure on acupressure points, muscles and ligaments, the spine is elongated and relieved of tension, while joints are stretched. Luxuriate in the sense of well-being, energy and flexibility restored to your body

About Us

In the serene urban retreat of our award-winning spa, the city feels a million miles away.

The Spa offers guests a holistic approach to mind and body with exclusive therapies developed with all natural products, including signature aromatherapy treatments created by renowned Aromatherapy Associates.

The Spa provides a complete menu of refreshing world-class experiences for both men and women, including facials, purifying body wraps, intense body scrubs and intricate hand and foot care. Our experienced spa therapists will nurture and care for you with dedication and pure indulgence.

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sheila says:
The facilities are great but the service was not as good as I expected. First I had to wait for a while before my treatment started - 15min late. The therapist seemed rushed during my massage which made it not overly enjoyable. At this level, you expect more.
khaledmohammed says:
Very nice place with optimal facilities. Treatments are very good and amenities are perfect. Like this place a lot. Good staff.

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