Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services
Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services

Right Bite, Nutritional Food Services

Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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A concept created with you in mind, Right Bite allows you to go about your day without having to worry about your nutritional needs.

Established in Dubai in 2004, The Right Bite Nutrition & Catering Services L.L.C. delivers freshly prepared, personalized, healthy meals right to your doorstep. A pioneer in advocating a healthier diet and lifestyle, Right Bite has been dedicated to helping clients achieve and maintain their long-term wellness goals and create sustainable healthy lifestyles.

Right Bite provides you with a licensed dietitian that takes care of your personal nutritional requirements, chefs who prepare your meals based on your needs and wants, and a client service representative that follows up with your menus, delivery route, travel schedule and ensures that you are fully satisfied with the Right Bite experience.


A balanced healthy diet is important for good health and even more so when you're expecting! The quality of your diet and food intake is crucial in supporting the growth and development of your baby. Whatever you eat, your child eats; but that doesn't mean you need to eat for two. Loaded with wholesome goodness and nutrient rich foods, Balanced Mom helps you beat your cravings and takes the stress out of what to eat during pregnancy in a healthy, smart and convenient way. We'll also be there to help you get back into shape after the little one arrives.
Enjoy the convenience of portion-controlled, nutritionally balanced meals, prepared just for you with only the freshest ingredients and your lifestyle goals in mind. Our Easy Meals plan was developed with a focus on convenience, healthy living and clean eating. You can get signed up and choose your menu online without the need for a nutritional consultation and we'll deliver healthy good food straight to your door!
Staying fit requires hard work, discipline, consistency and the right nutrition. That's why we've created a special program for our athletic and more active clients. Whether you want to increase muscle mass or get lean, Fuel Up balances carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients to maximize the nutritional intake your body needs for peak performance and recovery.
Our Low Carb dinner package is designed for those looking for a high-protein, low carb diet. Building on the foundation of Renew New, we’re swapping your regular dinner with a lower carb option and boosting your protein intake.
Because education starts at home and because we don't want you to worry that your child isn't getting the right nutrients. Our Mighty Lunchables program is designed just for your little ones and their busy days at school, so come on moms & dads and get your kids on the program right away!
Our Renew You program is ideal for healthy-weight loss and long-term weight management. Our calorie controlled daily meals and snacks are designed to optimize your daily intake of nutrients and help target your goals. The variety, flexibility and support we offer make our approach sustainable so you no longer need to think twice about being healthy and can feel good all the time.
Don’t like it, don’t have it. That’s our motto. You can be healthy even on a special restrictive diet. Just tell us what foods you wish to avoid and we’ll design a program accordingly. Even if that means taking the icing off the cake!
Balanced in protein and carbohydrates, with a focus on premium ingredients, super foods, wholesome snacks and juicing options, this program is designed to help you reset your body's natural balance and reboot your metabolism. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this plan will help you cleanse, keep you energized, glowing and healthy!
Our corporate wellness solutions can help you and your employees stay healthy, make smarter food choices at the workplace and benefit from better productivity. We can also help you design and support your corporate wellness program by providing expert nutrition consultations, wellness talks and healthy tips for your next newsletter!
Tired of fad diets and yo-yo dieting? The Right Bite system is based on the fundamental principles of a nutritionally well balanced diet and achieving long term healthy habits.One-on-one consultations with our dietitians at the centre or via Skype will provide you with a nutrition assessment, help you set your targets and choose the best meal plan based on your requirements and lifestyle. Through regular follow ups, we ensure you achieve and maintain your goals and feel great while doing so.
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Camilla07 says:
Have recently gotten onto the Fuel Up Meal Plan from Right Bite. I love how my Dietitian has tailored it for me specifically to my preferences and training schedule. They even spoke with my trainer to help tweak the macros for my upcoming triathlons. Being a picky eater,I do have my meal choices a certain way and Right Bite has been able to accommodate all of those.I definitely would recommend their meal plans for anyone looking to up your nutrition game with your training.
Nat Khlat
Nat Khlat says:
I've been a Right Bite client since 2008. Every time i fall off the wagon, i find it's the best way to get back on track. I love the new plans they added this year, and my dietitian recently suggested a 2 week low carb plan followed by a 2 week cleanse and the results were unbelievable! I must say i much preferred the menu on the cleanse although there was less choice but the food quality and variety was amazing. I would definitely recommend Right bite to anyone trying to lose some weight, or even just keep healthy!
farouq says:
I have used right bite several times. It is a great way to eat healthy. What I liked the most was how professional they are. You meet a dietician and then you get a customized plan, tailored to you. Helped me a lot and I did reach my weight goal.
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