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6 Reviews
6 Reviews
Aimee Sophia
Aimee Sophia says:
Been visiting this place for a while in dubai. met Dr Asha Rani for colon hydrotherapy and some advice with indian medicine ayurveda.. Had excellent treatment sessions with her, she is best in whatever she says and does. a lovely spiritual pure vegetarian soul herself.. with her advice ive started to be a vegan.. have lost many pounds and now with a good digestive system. thank you darling rani you are amazing..
Gordon says:
Best place in town if you are looking for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nobody comes close.
Celestine says:
If you are looking for good traditional Chinese medicine to help your ailments, this is the place to go. Nothing fancy - the centre could do with a refurbishment, but then again, you don't go there to look at beautiful ornaments, you go there to get the treatment you need, which is what you get.
jjjohnffisher says:
This is the best place for TCM in UAE. All you need from cupping to acupuncture and homeopathy. Fantastic staff, mostly from china as well to they know what they are doing.
Khadija says:
Had several cupping sessions to detox my body and manage some pain. Worked well . good value for many and great staff.
Tom_dxb says:
I have visited DHTC for back pain related issues. The acupuncture worked well for me and the doctor was very good. While it is a bit hard to get there it is certainly worth it. They also have a great pharmacy that sells lots of Chinese herbal medicine - otherwise hard to find in Dubai.

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Abyangam is a whole-body massage with specific herbal oils to nourish and revitalise the body tissues and remove toxins from the cells. Performed symmetrically by therapists for one hour, Abyangam has deep-healing effects by naturally harmonising body, mind and spirit, and is usually followed by a medicated steam bath. Abyangam rejuvenates the whole body – increasing tissue strength, improving blood circulation, removing cellulite, delaying ageing, inducing sound sleep, promoting vitality, pacifying Vata imbalance, reducing stress and removing toxins. Ayurvedic massage offers lasting relief from chronic aches and pains such as backache, joint/rheumatic pain and migraine.
Preventive medicine or preventive care refers to measures taken to prevent diseases or injuries rather than curing them or treating their symptoms. Preventive medicine or preventive care is the specialty of medical practice focusing on the health of individuals. Preventive medicine’s (preventive care) goal is to protect, promote and maintain health and well-being and to prevent disease, disability and death.
Acupressure uses the same principles as acupuncture, but applying thumb pressure rather than needles to improve the function of the organs and relieve pain. Also similar to acupuncture, this method encompasses all the individual components of the body, mind, emotions and spirit as one. Acupressure balances the bodily forces, relieves stress/tension and relaxes mind and body. Acupressure promotes healing, increases blood flow/energy levels, decreases pain and aids detoxification.
Acupuncture is used to promote good health by improve function of organs and alleviate pain by focusing on energy balance. Fine acupuncture needles stimulate the body’s acupoints to treat specific areas along the meridians. Acupuncture is particularly beneficial when managing surgical recovery, decreased immunity, chronic aches and pains, cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, stress, fatigue, signs of ageing neuromuscular conditions and infertility.
The ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda, the ‘science of life’, goes back 5,000 years and involves how foods, herbs, emotions, climate and lifestyle impact the dynamics of our own physiology and psychology. Ayurveda treats on a holistic level. Ayurveda goes by the principle that disease is caused by bioenergy imbalances between the three ‘humours’ of ‘Tridoshas’ of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We rebalance these humours through natural remedies and changes in diet. The three ‘Gunas’ (forces) that form nature and also influence the human body – Satwa, Raja and Tama, represent the three forces of modern physics: nuclear, electro and gravitational force.
Cupping therapy is the method of using glass or plastic cups to create localised pressure by a vacuum. The vacuum inside the cups causes the blood to form in the area and promote healing in that area. Cupping therapy is mainly performed on one’s back because there are five meridians on your back. When these meridians are opened, the internal energy is able to flow through the whole body. Another healing aspect of cupping therapy is through the release of toxins in your body. Cupping Therapy triggers the lymphatic system, clears the blood vessels, and stretches and activates the skin. The Chinese Cupping therapy is very similar to the traditional Arab wet cupping Hijama.
Elakkizhi is a highly rejuvenating treatment applied after Abhyanga, in which fresh plants are fried with several other herbal ingredients, tied into boluses, dipped into warm medicated oil and simultaneously massaged by therapists all over the body for one hour. Elakkizhi treats chronic back or muscular pain, loss of function of a part or whole limb, joint stiffness and swellings, sciatica, spondylosis, sprains and cramps.
Homoeopathy is a therapeutic medical system, which is based on the homoeopathic Law of Similars, also expressed as “Let Likes be Cured by Likes”. The word homoeopathy is derived from the Greek words homoios, meaning like, and pathos, meaning suffering. This law stems from the observation that substances that are capable of causing diseases of the mind or body in healthy people can be used in diluted form as remedies to treat a similar disorder in someone who is ill.
By applying medicated herbal oils on the back for a period of time, Kadivasthy treats back pain resulting from muscle, ligament, joint and disc problems. Kadivasthy also improves flexibility of the back in spondylosis conditions.
Heat therapy applied to various acupoints. Moxibustion is used to promote healing and for energy enhancement.
Nasyam is one of Ayurveda’s Panchakarmas where a medicine is administered through the nostrils. Nasya Karma prevents the early greying of hair/beard and hair loss. Nasyam also treats diseases such as cervical spondylitis, headache, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, nasal conditions, frozen shoulder, hemicranias, coryza, sinusitis, mental disorders, Parkinsonism and skin complaints. Nasyam Karma also enhances the sense organs.
The word ‘psychology’ takes its roots from ancient Greek, ‘psyche’, meaning soul or mind and ‘ology’ meaning study. Psychology itself is the scientific study of behaviour, emotions and cognitive patterns. In other words it involves how a person acts, feels and thinks. Main areas of psychology include educational, developmental, organisational and clinical. Psychology explores the individual’s symptoms, anxieties and inhibitions which may be interfering with the ability for self-realisation and positive lifestyle behaviours. As part of the process, our psychologists strictly adhere to the professional ethics of complete confidentiality, enabling patients to explore freely and come to an understanding of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)is a complete medical system that has diagnosed, prevented and treated disease for over 3,000 years. One of the main aspects is prevention, enhancing the immune system to maintain health and increasing the capacity and ability for work, creativity and pleasure. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of medicine that is beneficial to all acute or chronic conditions that do not require surgery. From common colds or sinusitis to IBS, infertility, chronic pain, hormone imbalances etc. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can provide improvement of conditions and its symptoms. The main principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is Qi (energy) that runs through body’s meridian channels. Good health can only exist when Qi runs uninhibited, enhancing blood flow, retaining the natural harmony of energy forces Yin and Yang, and sustaining good health.
The osteopathic medicine is a science based on the theory that many diseases are associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system and it emphasizes the interrelationship between structure and function of the body. The structural integrity is the most important factor to keep good health and prevent diseases. Osteopathy is a system where the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases involves palpation, manipulation, and massage. To achieve this, the Osteopath uses smooth and safe techniques adapted to each patient and his requirements.
Physiotherapy involves evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a range of diseases, disorders, and disabilities through physical manipulation, movement, therapeutically exercise and the application of technological equipment. Physiotherapists also provide advice on how to avoid injuries. Physiotherapy is designed to maximise quality of life and movement potential through the prevention/treatment/intervention of such conditions, and in habilitation/ rehabilitation.

About Us

As a fully-integrated medical centre, The Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre’s range of health and wellness treatments and therapies complement each other. Our team of both allopathic and CAM (Complementary and Alternative medicine) practitioners are experts in their field, dedicated to their work and sensitive to the individual needs of each patient. Focusing on the harmony between Conventional (Allopathic) and Complementary & Alternative Medicine, the health and wellness programmes we design for you may consist of one or a combination of conventional and CAM treatments. Under the auspices of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, The Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre meets a broad spectrum of needs – from more chronic medical conditions to programmes that simply maintain good health and well-being.