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Create The Reality You Want

Posted 27 Jun 2019

Happiness & Health Coach

Carol Talbot

Create The Reality You Want

From the moment you are born and come into this world you are infused with the single greatest force in the universe; the power to translate the possibilities of your feelings and thoughts into the reality of your world. To fully awaken your powers may require a subtle change in the way you think of yourself and a shift in belief.

Beliefs are those convictions that you hold as being true and trust as being true. Simply put, a belief is a thought that is thought over and over again. What makes a belief true or real is that you have to believe it intellectually, and you have to believe it emotionally. If you only believe the thought intellectually, it is just an idea. If you only believe the thought emotionally, then it is just a feeling. When the belief is held in your thoughts and feelings it becomes true for you. It does not necessarily mean that it is right or even that it is true.

Your beliefs are created from your past experiences, from your upbringing, your parents and down the ancestral line, media, schooling, religion as well as your environment. They create perceptions that affect your self-esteem, abundance, job performance, mental health, physical health, spiritual outlook on life and your relationships.

Let’s suppose that you are reading this in a room with no windows tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle, a heavy blanket and a cup of tea. Outside there is heavy snow with temperatures of minus 30 degrees. A couple of months later, the sun is shining, the trees are blossoming and you are once again in a room with no windows. How do you feel about it when you have no connection to the external environment except what you have been told? You probably feel down and depressed when you were told it’s freezing outside while you feel a sense of excitement when you hear about the first blooms of spring. However, your response is based on what you have taught and told to believe.

The ‘room’ you have created for yourself is based on your memories, past experiences, what you’ve been taught, read or learnt as well as your perceptions, filters and beliefs. While you may believe the room keeps you safe, this room also keeps you separate from fully connecting with the world around because what you see and experience is a reflection of your beliefs bouncing back at you. Your world becomes a waking dream of your projection.

It’s time to break down the walls. After all, if spiritually enlightened souls can pass through walls, why can’t you?

Grab a pen and paper and let’s challenge some of your beliefs right now!

  1. List the 9 most important things you believe you should do in life.
  2. List the 9 most important thing you believe you should not do in life.

Look at your responses and ask yourself, ‘when did I learn this and who did I learn it from?’

What you’ll discover is that many of the beliefs of your life are not your own. Many of your beliefs have been learned from somebody else without you even challenging the truth of the belief. You begin to change them in the moment you recognize them. Imagine turning the light on in a dark room so that you can instantly see what has been tripping you up when you’re walking around. Now the light is on!

As you draw yourself to a higher degree of self-awareness, you will realize that a lot of your beliefs have been passed down to you from your family and through generations. So are there better beliefs to support you on your journey?

Empowering beliefs could be:

  • I’m always in the right place at the right time.
  • I’m always in the flow!
  • Life is magical!
  • Synchronicity happens every day!

Once you’ve decided on some more empowering beliefs, make sure you demonstrate your beliefs in your behavior to enforce the new belief.

You learn through looking within and when you can recognize yourself as your own creation you then free yourself from the fear of living a less than satisfying life and expand the horizons of your beliefs and stretch the boundaries of what is possible!

Carol Talbot


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Jumeirah Jane

Jumeirah Jane says:

1 week 1 day ago
Helpful, thank you. Can you give me an example of 9 things that my be good to do in life? I've tried to write this list in my head but can come up with about 99 so I'm trying to understand how to reduce a long list of wishes into 9 that are the most important. Thankyou Carol

Carol_Talbot says:

1 week 1 day ago
Thanks for your comment and what may be good to do in my life may not be right for you. Please note that the article was about beliefs, rather than wishes... and if you have 99 wishes that is absolutely wonderful. Consider what would be some important beliefs to adopt so that your wishes come true? Or ask yourself, 'what would I have to believe about myself for that to happen?'

Mariam says:

1 week 6 days ago
Is it true that the way to change a negative belief system is to change my values?

Carol_Talbot says:

1 week 5 days ago
Hello Mariam, that is an interesting question! Values are what drives us, and the motivating force behind everything we do. They are also more abstract than beliefs (values are often expressed as high level words that have different meanings for different people) and usually context dependent. For example, what is important to a person in relationships or health and fitness may be different to what is important to a person in their career. This all means that when your values shift, it usually creates a shift in beliefs. AND... there are Identity Beliefs for example 'I'm not good enough,' or 'I won't be loved.' Identity beliefs usually start with 'I am.' Identity beliefs can affect all areas of a persons life, after all, if the belief is 'I'm not good enough' that can impact friendships, work, health and fitness, relationships etc... because deep down you do not believe you are good enough to have great friendships, enjoyable work or a wonderful relationship. If an identity belief is deleted and the person now believes they are 'good enough' or is 'worthy of love,' what is important (their Values) will also shift. I hope that helps you understand values, beliefs and identity beliefs a little better.

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