Emirates Palace Spa

Al Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Enjoy this transformational journey of ancient Arabian opulence. We begin by immersing the body with the traditional black olive soap and steam to allow the eucalyptus aroma to clear your senses. A vigorous body exfoliation using the Kassa mitt follows to reveal a healthy glow to the skin. To complete your Moroccan Hammam experience, a delicately scented oil water is applied to the body to seal in your skins newfound softness.
Indulge in a luxurious traditional Hammam with a touch of opulence. The treatment begins with a gold eucalyptus soap and steam body cleanse, then we exfoliate the body using the traditional kassa glove that follows with a precious clay body wrap to hydrate and regenerate the skin. The ritual ends in a comfortable treatment room with a relaxing massage using Amra’s energising diamond oil, followed by a mini facial and Argan oil hair treatment.
A luxurious treatment blending the traditional hammam with a sensual touch of rose. Relax as your body is softened by the touch of Rose Ghassoul Clay and Rose Shea Butter to brighten and nourish you skin. You will also experience our ice cave after your hammam treatment to cool the body down and to increase toxin elimination.
Enhance your couple’s journey with the ultimate Arabian luxury together in the privacy of your own hammam. Immerse your bodies as they begin with the traditional black olive soap cleanse, kassa exfoliation and the precious ghassoul body wrap. We finish this couple’s journey with a rich Shea Butter application to hydrate and protect the skin. The experience also incorporates the ice cave and Jacuzzi for additional bliss.
Come together collectively in our Traditional Moroccan Hammam and experience private ancient rituals. You and your guests will be treated to our Palace Rose Hammam with added time to spend together with access to the ice cave and Jacuzzi. Complete with fruit platter, fruit juices and Moroccan sweets, this is the perfect way to prepare for your special wedding night. Our Hammam can accommodate up to 4 people and with advanced requests henna can also be arranged
Using the precision of nano-technology, this facial will deliver an illuminating radiant glow to all skin types. The treatment starts with the signature foot ritual, followed by a deep cleansing sequence to prepare the skin. Micronised 24 carat gold sheets are then massaged into the skin under an Ultra Sonic Nano mist. This decadent treatment finishes with a hydrating serum, moisturiser, eye cream and a relaxing scalp and hand massage.
Preserve and repair this precious area that is exposed to many external aging factors such as sun damage with our 24-carat gold neck upgrade. This upgrade is available with our 24-carat Gold Radiance Facial and uses the precision of nano-technology to deliver an illuminating radiant glow.
This treatment corrects the signs of gravity-related skin weakness to achieve a more defined facial contour providing an instant lift for the skin. Suitable for all skin types, target areas such as hydration, correction of mimic wrinkles and facial definition will all be taken care of. A course of 6-8 treatments on a weekly basis is recommended to ensure powerful bio stimulation of collagen and to restore the structure of all skin layers or for an immediate glowing lift this is your perfect facial.
This personalised facial is suitable for men and women of all skin types aimed at targeting your specific areas of concern. Allow our skilled therapists to prescribe the best Forlle’d essence blend for your desired result complete with a facial massage, mask and care creams. This facial will target concerns such as hydration, pigmentation, sensitivity and excessive oil production.
Allow your skin shine bright like a diamond with Amra’s Diamond Illuminating Facial. Featuring encapsulated Vitamin A with a controlled release system into the skin, cell production will increase to naturally promote both a brighter complexion for a smoother and younger appearance. Collagen production will be enhanced with high level active ingredients and pigmentation reduced that is caused by UV damage.
This facial works in three phases to firstly extract impurities from the skin whilst maintaining the skins hydration, followed by a microdermabrasion resurfacing procedure to remove lifeless skin cells. The final renewal stage combines LED therapy with an electroporation infusion of serums into the skin to restore the natural glow and radiance. Targeting to treat fine lines, wrinkles, oily and acne prone skin and hyper-pigmentation, this treatment is ideal for all skin types. We recommend one treatment every week for 3-6 weeks to achieve best results.
This age-defying facial will boost and firm all male skin types. Using specifically designed male skincare from Gentleman’s Tonic, hydration and overall skin brightening will be the end result. This facial is complete with a foot ritual, scalp massage and hand and foot massage for a complete head to toe treatment. Enquire about upgrading your facial treatment with a selection of our male grooming services in the Gentleman’s Tonic Salon.
This advanced facial using Mesotherapy is designed for men and women with individual skin concerns. Essences and deeply repairing actives will be selected and applied to the skin pre and post mesopenetration to produce the best visible outcome. Results will be visible after one session though we recommend a series of 4 - 6 treatments for best results.
Experience a facial enriched with active essences to visibly enhance plumpness and stimulate a younger looking appearance. Featuring a deep cleanse and double mask to improve microcirculation to the cells, oxidative damage will be reduced and deep cell skin recovery set in motion. Additional touches such as a relaxing hand and scalp massage will also accompany this treatment.
This intense eye treatment will eliminate puffiness, dark circles and fine lines from the eye area. With the inclusion of toning massage movements, this area will be rejuvenated for a brighter and luminous effect.
Indulge in this deeply restorative and rapid repairing facial, which is the perfect solution to strengthen the skin’s natural support structure. This facial includes highly concentrated serums to prepare and repair the skinat a cellular level. This anti-aging facial is especially beneficial for thinning and photo-aging skins with the advanced Platinum mask byForlle’d. Complete with a foot ritual and foot massage.
Relax and unwind with your loved one by your side as you both enjoy our Signature Couples Massage. This massage helps to stimulate circulation and restore the flow of energy through the body in our romantic and intimate couple’s suite.
This deep and tailored massage focuses on relieving tension from specific areas of the body using scented aromatic oils. This massage will enhance muscle recovery after exercise or release the build up of daily life.
Using specific thumb and finger techniques, this treat will give your feet just what they deserve. Applied pressure will invigorate energy to all areas of the body and release tension built up by daily life.
Allow our skilled therapists to care for the needs of mother and baby with this tailored massage. Using a deeply nourishing Shea Butter, this treatment will help to reduce muscle aches and pains with special attention focusing on the neck, shoulders, lower back and lower legs. Allow us to nurture you and your body during this changing time.
This Swedish styled massage focuses on increasing circulation and overall wellbeing to the body. Select an oil of your choice, with each oil designed to sooth and create synergy between the mind and body. Tension will melt away and overall equilibrium will be restored.
Using specific techniques that have been passed down through the generations, this treatment will leave you feeling free from joint and muscle stiffness. Using movements such as stretching, muscle compressions and breathing exercises this massage will open any blocked channels and boost overall vitality to body. Thai massage or Nuad Thai - is unique among massage therapies in combining both physical and energetic aspects. It is a deep, full-body massage progressing from the feet up, and focusing on energy lines throughout the body, with the aim of clearing blockages in these lines, and thus stimulating the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body. This centuries old therapy known to many as “Passive Yoga” as it offers the ultimate body workout. Let our expert therapists take all the pressure away and allowing you to enjoy a wealth of stretching, flexibility and vitality benefit.
The Palace Massage reflects the pure essence of Emirates Place luxury. Uniquely crafted into 3 massages which are all accompanied by a selected oil paired to deliver a truly memorable experience. Choose from our Harmonizing Palace Massage using a 24-carat gold oil that will rebalance the mind and body, our Energizing Palace Massage using Diamond oil for restoring vitality or our Deeply Relaxing Palace Massage with Caviar infused oil for a distinctly calming experience.
This treatment is focused towards the worldly traveler to ease and rejuvenate the body after a long journey. Begin your body recovery with our herbal steam to warm and relax the muscles, then followed by an invigorating mint scrub. We finish with an energizing massage to leave you feeling revived.
Hair loss is one of the most common concerns which affects both men and women. Our hair loss treatment uses Mesotherapy to naturally regrow and strengthen thinning or damaged hair, promote hair regrowth and minimise further hair loss through stimulation and by applying growth factors, vitamins, and minerals to the hair follicle. Mesotherapy is a safe, non-surgical and painless technique which promotes the body’s circulatory, lymphatic, and immune system to regenerate the area being treated. We recommend a course of 8-12 treatments for the best results.

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Embark upon a path of inner balance and outer radiance, as our dedication to the time-honoured, natural health beliefs of our ancient philosophy invites you to fulfill your most revitalizing journey. Relinquish time and pressure, and let us tailor treatments and packages that respond uniquely to your health and beauty ideals. Choose from a variety of Spa treatments that cater to all your skincare needs.

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Susan says:
For the woman with style and a desire for the extravagant ... this spa will tick all your marks. Out of this world facilities, highly trained staff ... you will feel like Royalty when you are there. 5 stars if not more.
Felice says:
I got a 3d facial contouring as a present from my husband and it was wondering. I look several years younger and my skin felt great.

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