Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Atarmia Spa, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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This multi-functional polish delivers an intense infusion of antioxidants, rose hip seeds and bitter orange extract, while lava particles powerfully exfoliate and smooth the surface of the skin leading to obvious improved skin texture
This antioxidant-rich body wrap is an orange soufflé body mask combined with rich shea butter and high concentrates of vitamin C. With powerful anti-aging properties, it nourishes the skin resulting in a lasting elasticity, firmness and glowing radiance.
Local ingredients such as sandalwood and myrrh essential oils are combined with natural bamboo microfibers to gently exfoliate the skin. Remineralising and regenerating the body, this polish is an ideal choice prior to an additional body treatment.
Full of vitamins, minerals and proteins, the replenishing and detoxifying properties of spirulina allow you to relax mentally and physically. This is followed by a relaxing scalp and foot massage, ensuring optimum relaxation and nourishment of the skin and body.
This invigorating treatment with roots in early history, uses thermal sea salt and eucalyptus essential oil in a warming yet refreshing body scrub, to refine the surface of the skin, leaving it silky smooth and moisturised.
Give your skin a complete energy boost of 100% pure vitamin C formulated to stimulate collagen production to renew the skin’s firmness. This antioxidant facial relieves sun-damaged skin and helps fight the signs of premature aging drenching it with essential vitamins and nutrients. Skin will emerge nourished and revitalised.
This facial features cutting-edge enzyme detoxification to soften and open pores for deep cleansing before botanical actives are applied to penetrate and purify the skin. An extraction technique follows, then a stimulating mask is applied to intensely moisturise skin for a hydrated veil of luminosity.
This facial is customised according to your skin type and requires carefully selected products and techniques. Deep cleansing, exfoliating peels, massage and hydrating masks are applied to release tension, increase hydration, promote circulation and cell regeneration, leaving your skin decongested, balanced and evenly toned.
The Dermapod transforms the texture and tone of the skin through microdermabrasion and micro-current technology which alleviates problems such as congestion, impurities, and devitalised, dull, uneven skin tone to create a more youthful, smoother appearance
An award-winning facial renowned for delivering visible tightening, lifting and redefining of the facial contours. Undergo an outstandingly effective facial massage with shiatsu and firming techniques using aromatics that penetrate for intense firming, as well as the cold Diamond Ice Lifting to intensely redefine the face’s shape and increase cellular regeneration.
The Facial Express cleanses deep into the skin with mineral-rich Hungarian moor mud which draws out toxins, while remineralising tired skin, refining its surface and re-balancing its natural ph balance
The Hydrafacial results are immediately effective. It thoroughly enhances the skin by using vortex technology that delivers instant results. Involving exfoliation, extraction and antioxidant infusion, it instantly gives you clearer, plumper, more radiant skin.
A non-invasive alternative to botox, the advanced La Alternativa treatment remodels the face for the most visibly sculpted results. An innovative technique traces the hot spots usually targeted by botox and mesotherapy, using advanced pressure point work to relax wrinkles and lift the skin with visible long-lasting smoothed and firmed results.
Designed especially for frequent flyers and those exposed to environmental pollution, this facial decongests, oxygenates and reenergises the skin with a soothing facial massage and products designed to release pure oxygen molecules into the epidermis, stimulating the skin cells to replenish, rejuvenate and revitalise the complexion
Treatment for the face as well as the body. Designed to treat sensitive, problematic, acne-prone skin, it targets common skin problems such as blemishes, redness and uneven pigmentation.
Perfect for skin that has been exposed to Abu Dhabi’s dry heat, sun and air-conditioned environments, designed to replenish, soothe, hydrate and nourish your complexion with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E.
Focus on the delicate eye area with the Target Eye Lift. Visibly smoothing and brightening the skin around the eyes, this treatment applies a velvety eye pad to hydrate, firm and treat dark under-eyes.
Repairing ingredients are put to work to improve skin congestion and redness. Phytotherapeutic extracts are applied to soften and relieve the skin while combating hyper-sensitivity and restoring levels of young collagen. An incredible facial treatment to restore the health and beauty of the skin
Feel your body coming back into equilibrium with this soothing and relaxing massage with therapeutic deep tissue work on the muscles, resulting in an energising feeling of lightness. Aromatherapy further brings balance, while promoting inner harmony.
Designed to flush toxins and reduce water retention from the body, an anti-bacterial and antioxidant-rich blend of rosemary, orange, tangerine and olive leaf oils encourages the body to detoxify. Perfect to compliment a weight-loss treatment or detox programme.
This treatment works on the meridian lines to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities and flow of energy to aid the mobility of the joints and muscle repair. Aches and pains are eased, the body is realigned, and the mind and spirit is calmed with a new sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation.
Concentrates on the specific reflex points of the feet using thumb pressure to enable you to experience relaxation to promote better health and bring the body back into balance
Release tension with this head, neck and shoulder massage designed to relieve stress, stiffness, aches and pain, with a focus on the scalp, neck and temples to restore mental clarity and relieve stress
This unique massage technique uses essential oils and heated basalt stones. A deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment to relieve tired aching muscles.
A fusion of techniques from the Mediterranean and Hawaii, Lomi Juma ses the hands and the forearms to sweep across the body. Effective in easing stress, tension and aiding the circulation of blood and lymph to promote natural healing and deep relaxation.
The innate healing properties of obsidian stones deep into the muscles as they are stroked along the body, followed by contrastingly cool marble stones. The resulting physical and mental tranquility translates into better posture and a feeling of serene wellbeing.
This is a ground breaking, deep body massage performed with golf balls that become an extension of the professional aestheticians hands in order to reach the muscles and hard to reach areas. This treatment warms the muscles to aid muscle repair, ease strain and improve flexibility.
A renewing massage designed to release tense muscles and relax the entire body. Heated herbal compresses are pressed into the areas of tension, the heat loosening and relaxing hot spots. This invigorating massage instills a deep feeling of relaxation and effectively releases stress.
This luxurious treatment includes an exfoliation with a sugar crystal scrub, a mineral-rich hydrating soak, and a rejuvenating serum to diminish age spots followed by a soothing paraffin wax treatment. Finishing with a butter balm, complete your hand spa with a brilliance file and polish for a perfect glossy finish.
The most effective treatment for feet, designed to purify, soften and hydrate. This treatment includes a detoxifying foot soak, nail shaping and filing, callus softening, cuticle detailing, exfoliation, a hydrating mask, a relaxing foot massage and a fabulous finish with the color of your choice for a perfect glossy finish.
The perfect manicure finish, this treatment incorporates filing and shaping of the nails with a luxurious hydrating hand spa treatment in which cuticles are enriched with myrrh nail oil followed by a relaxing hand massage and a perfect application of polish.
The perfect pedicure finish incorporates filing and shaping of the nails. In this luxurious hydrating foot spa treatment, cuticles are enriched with myrrh nail oil followed by a relaxing foot massage and finished with a perfect application of polish.
Short on time but not on finish, this manicure focuses on the essentials. Your hands will be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized before your nails are deftly shaped and prepared for a final application of the nail polish of your choice.
Transforming your feet in the minimum of time, your therapist will soak them in warm water, before gently exfoliating dry skin away, and moisturising them with an application of cream. Then the polish of your choice will be painted on for an elegant result. gel nails Enjoy the permanent beauty of strong long lasting beautiful nails with gel nail extensions. Choose your preferred length with your colour palette and experience the beauty of permanent and perfect looking nails that last.
Dip your hands or feet in warm therapeutic wax, followed with a healing wrap to aid the penetration of the warmed wax. Beneficial for easing arthritis pain, aiding blood circulation, deeply moisturising and sooth, smoothing dry and even cracked skin.
Dip your hands or feet in warm therapeutic wax, followed with a healing wrap to aid the penetration of the warmed wax. Beneficial for easing arthritis pain, aiding blood circulation, deeply moisturising and sooth, smoothing dry and even cracked skin.

About Us

Relax and reconnect with nature on Saadiyat Island, where Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi’s Atarmia Spa is set between the dramatic panorama of a nine-kilometre beach and the fluid beauty of Arabic sand dunes curving out of sight. Here, where oysters grow magnificent pearls and turtles come to nest, is where you can find a rejuvenating place of peace and tranquility called Atarmia Spa. The mystery of ancient Arabia meets the best of contemporary Abu Dhabi in Atarmia Spa, beautifully combining the ancient with the modern in her exotic Arabian interiors. Unwind beside our private pool, and recharge within our tranquil treatment rooms lit with candles and fragrant with opulent oils.

Here you will find healing rituals derived from ancient Arabia’s therapies and time-honoured ingredients, sitting side by side with advanced skin care products and technology and state-of-the-art fitness and spa facilities. All this is combined in our four pillars of Brilliance, Majestic, Lustrous, Opulence, each designed to address your specific desires, and physical, mental and spiritual needs. Step into a private, peaceful space where the body and mind can be gently relaxed and deeply restored by our professional therapists, who will pamper you with renowned traditions of Arabic hospitality and modern expertise.

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doreenmiles01 says:
Stunning and Beautiful ... staff were very good and the facilities are amazing. Had a great time and would certainly go again.
Claire says:
This is an OK spa. Facilities are very nice but the staff where not great. For what you pay, this is not the best value for money. Was disappointed.

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