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A crown is a cap that is placed over a tooth and held in place by dental adhesive or cement. Crowns are used for several reasons: As a protective cover for badly decayed teeth or fractured teeth As a permanent restoration for teeth with large fillings To correct minor problems in natural teeth like spacing and irregular shape or severe discolouration Procedure When we have decided to go ahead with a full crown restoration, we will set aside 2-3 appointments for the entire process. Although the majority of crowning treatments are completed in two visits, there is sometimes a need for a third visit to ensure its proper fit.
This "All-on-Four" solution is attractive to patients wanting to get rid of their dentures, and for people with teeth in need of a full upper and/or lower restoration. This procedure, as the name implies, only requires four dental implants per jaw to support a fully customized set of replacement teeth. The entire "All-on-Four" treatment is completed while the patient is comfortably asleep using sedation dentistry, and the best part is that the procedure is painless and the patient receives their full set of replacement teeth in just 24 hours. Modern implant-based dentistry has provided a solution to the edentulous 'toothless' patient that traditional dentures have never been able to deliver - immediate functionality with substantially increased quality of life.
Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted of tooth-coloured materials designed to cover the front side of teeth to improve the overall appearance of teeth. They are made of either thin plastic resin or porcelain and can be placed to: correct poorly formed or mildly mal-positioned teeth close gaps between teeth mask internal stains restore partially broken-down teeth Tooth preparation is minimal and confined to the enamel structure. The veneer is bonded to the tooth structure with tooth-coloured resin cement. Several visits are necessary to complete treatment. Patients should be aware that this is usually an irreversible process because it's necessary to remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth to accommodate the shell.
A denture is a removable prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. Commonly referred to as ‘false teeth’, a denture is usually made of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and metal. A partial denture is fitted to replace some missing teeth whilst a complete denture is placed when all of the natural teeth are missing. A good set of dentures helps you to eat, speak, function, and often improves a person’s appearance. How Long Does It Take To Make Dentures? Depending on the complexity of each case, the duration of the treatment will vary. After the initial visit of examination and diagnosis, the subsequent visits will include taking impressions of the mouth, bite registration, try-in of the denture, issue and review.
Orthodontics (braces) means moving the teeth within the bones. Commonly thought of as straightening teeth, orthodontics encompasses much more in its ability to not only fill a beautiful smile with straight teeth, but also to improve the angulations of the teeth to reflect the light beautifully and for comfortable, protected functioning; speaking, chewing, sipping through a straw, drinking from a bottle of water, or biting into an apple. Correcting an open-bite, deep-bite, or any other bite problems makes all functioning easier, more comfortable, more efficient and allows the TMJ’s (Temporal Mandibular Joints) to function with less stress and strain. Correcting a bite can even have a positive impact on the strains your back and neck may endure in a lifetime; as a healthy, comfortable occlusion (bite) reduces the strain put on your skull and neck, down to the lower back, hips and legs, which are all connected to the muscles of occlusion (jaws and bite).
The Dental Hygienists at the American Dental Clinic and Advanced American Dental Center are uniquely qualified to assist in the prevention and treatment of oral disease. We offer a team of international, fully licensed Dental Hygienists with many years of experience. Our Hygienists attend education seminars regularly to keep up with the latest in research and technologies. Dental hygienists treat gum diseases and help people maintain good oral and general health by educating them on how to prevent oral disease through care of their teeth and gums. The importance of good oral health is by proving to have considerable influence over a person’s general health. And people who have regular preventive dental treatment are healthier for it. Our dental hygienists work together with the dentist, offering expertise in their field, and providing a dental hygiene diagnosis, which is an integral component of the comprehensive dental diagnosis.
Using the latest in teeth whitening technology, we can safely make smilesbrighter and more beautiful. Whitening can correct tooth discolorations caused by staining, aging, or even chemical damage to teeth. In cases of extreme tooth discoloration, whitening isn’t always enough and crowns or veneers may be the only choice. But because of the low cost of whitening treatments, it’s usually worth a try. Whitening is a process where the tooth discolouration is 'whitened' to a lighter shade. It removes the staining agent through chemical means. It is a safe procedure when carried out under professional supervision. The results of this treatment usually depend on the severity of the dis-colouration. Both vital (i.e. live) and non-vital teeth (e.g. tooth with root removed) can be bleached and may take several visits to complete the procedure. It is not effective on dental restorations such as amalgam fillings, metal or porcelain crowns, etc.

About Us

Clinical Director Dr. Michael Ziegler was born in Kentucky in the United States of America. He graduated from the University of Kentucky first as a pharmacist, and then as a general dentist. Dr. Ziegler then joined the U.S. Air Force as a Captain and was stationed in Bitburg, Germany where he served for 3 years.

With over 20 years experience, Dr. Ziegler is passionate about cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and combines advanced technologies and up-to-date techniques and materials to provide the high quality dentistry to his patients. His thirst for continued education leads him to complete numerous worldwide post doctorate courses every year. Although a well accomplished general dentist, Dr. Ziegler’s main focus is in cosmetic dentistry, muscle and joint problems (TMJ Disorders), and dental implants.