5 Tips To Transform Your Life Forever


5 Tips To Transform Your Life Forever

Posted 27 Apr 2019

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Anna Wallenten

5 Tips To Transform Your Life Forever

Good morning lovely Enritschers! I feel so honored to be part of this incredible platform, and to have the opportunity to share my obsession with you all: To help people maximize their full potential, so that they can raise their standards and step into their personal leadership in every area of their life!

So, the question I want to ask you today is: Are you in love with yourself? Yes, I actually asked you that question. Are you truly and unconditionally in love with yourself? What’s the first answer that comes to your mind when I ask that question? One thing that fascinates me is this: We are born into this world as completely magnificent individuals. We are born being totally in love with ourselves, and we believe we have unstoppable super powers. How many times have you seen a little child proudly strut around in their superman outfit in the super market or in their tiara feeling like the most beautiful princess in the world? A child is born into this world as a bundle of love and joy. They are totally accessing their personal power, not apologizing for anything, and claiming the space they so magnificently deserve!

Then what happens?

We become aware of our environment. We start being acknowledged for our achievements, and we get told what we are doing right or wrong. This is how our belief system develops in us. Our human need of feeling like we belong, and are being loved, start to create limiting beliefs in us. What if we are not good enough? Most of the time our parents and peers are doing the best that they can with the tools that they have, but how often do you, as a child, remember being told: “You are such an incredible human being, and I just love you for being so unique and special!” Not as often I would assume as getting acknowledged or punished for doing well or not in school or in sports or looking cute or misbehaving for example. What starts to happen is that we start to design this image of what is good and bad, cute and ugly and if we are not able to live up to those criteria, we are not good enough.

As we adapt to this environment, we start to get confused. No longer is it ok to walk around in our superman outfit or our little tiara on our head. We have to stand in line, listen, say yes, and follow the regulations of our society. Slowly we start falling out of love with ourselves for the sake of fitting in with other people’s views of how things should be. We slowly become a product of other people’s opinions and values. If we don’t stop this in time, we will create an internal dialogue that start to break us down. Limiting beliefs such as: “I am not good enough!” “I don’t know what I want!” “I am scared of failing!” all start to consume us. When limiting beliefs get ahold of our life, we abandon ourselves and become a victim. We start to lose respect for ourselves, and what is truly us, which makes us open to being manipulated and disrespected by other people.

SO, if everything was possible and you were to reconnect with that little 5-year-old inside of you, what would be different in your life right now? Isn’t it true that at the end of the day we all just want to feel good about ourselves? So, lets identify and bust the limiting beliefs that are holding you hostage. What is the number 1 limiting belief that holds you back the most in your life right now? Identify it and follow the questions below to bust it:

1. Is it really true?

2. When did I decide to start believing this?

3. Do I want to keep believing this?

4. If I keep believing this how will my life look like in 1 year?

5. What do I want to believe instead?

And then PRACTICE your new belief in the mirror over and over and over again and you will take the first step on the journey to transforming your life for ever!


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Delalia says:

7 months 1 week ago
Powerful stuff. Thankyou.

Anna_Wallenten says:

6 months 1 week ago
Thank you! :)

Tasha says:

8 months 1 week ago
YES! I am learning to love myself each and every day. Its a journey. Its not easy. But I'm working through it. <smile>

Anna_Wallenten says:

6 months 1 week ago
Wonderful, and what a gift it is that we have the honor of elevating our life every single day!

Mariam says:

8 months 3 weeks ago
Although you wouldn't think so, I think the first point "Is it really true?" is very challenging to manage. If we are focusing on something that is impacting our lives - whether it is true or not may not matter. Its mind over matter as always. Mariam

Anna_Wallenten says:

8 months 2 weeks ago
Thank you for your comment Mariam! Absolutely its not an easy thing to do, however by questioning if the limiting belief is true or not we allow our mind to get creative and not stagnant with a "one track mind". The mind is so powerful and we can design any reality we want by visualizing it in our metaphysical world first. That means if we imagine that the limiting belief is not true, our mind gets permission to find an alternative truth!

charles_333 says:

8 months 3 weeks ago
Interesting read. I think as humans we are programmed to have self-limiting beliefs. And if we don't, our environment - at school, in the workplace, our communities - soon make sure we conform to societal norms by being balanced in both abilities and confidence, as well as with shortcomings and doubts. Its a very complex area that is a life-long journey for most I would think.

Anna_Wallenten says:

8 months 2 weeks ago
Hi Charles! Thank you for your insight and absolutely our beliefs are programmed through experiences in our upbringing which may or may not have been significantly emotional at the time. Most of our beliefs that hold us back were created as protective mechanism and a need of control where our life might have felt out of control. However most of them hold us hostage through our life without us even being aware of it and can do real damage unless we change the story of the belief.