3 Easy Steps For Perfect Skin

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3 Easy Steps For Perfect Skin

Posted 22 Jul 2018


Laure Sejean

3 Easy Steps For Perfect Skin

For many years and even before becoming a makeup artist, I’ve always looked after my skin.

Our skin is our canvas and if we don’t look after it, this is when we start to see breakouts, bumps and our skin becoming dull.

Cleansing your face is essential before applying any skin care in the morning and evening. Why? During the day and the night, excess oil, dirt, pollution and impurities can clog your pores and create breakouts and skin dullness.

Using your shower gel or soap might not be enough to clean your skin; they may also not be suitable products for your skin type.

Personally I like to have squeaky clean skin before applying any skin care or make-up. These are the steps I follow in the mornings and evenings:

  1. I remove my make-up with a good make-up removing cleansing oil. The oil leaves my skin smooth and smelling nice. The product I use contains Ricin oil, which helps my lashes and eyebrows to grow!
  2. I also use an instant foam cleanser, which is especially good for mixed and oily skin types. If you have dry skin, I would skip this step and instead opt for a Moisturizing Toner.
  3. As the last step, I love using Grape Water produced from 100% organic grapes. It instantly soothes and moisturizes my skin.

I discovered the brand of product I use a few months ago and it has been a game changer for my skin. It is so important to know which product is the best for your individual skin type, and more often than not – you don’t need to have a handbag full of money to be able to afford great skin care products.

I personally opt for products that are abundant with vegetable oils (grape, argan, sesame…), vegetable butter (like carrot, avocado, mango, …), and are always free from parabens. It’s important to know that parabens are very harmful and can irritate your skin and eyes, and in some cases, lead to more serious conditions including breast cancer. 

I would love to hear more about your cleansing routine, which you can share in the comments section below.

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Jumeirah Jane

Jumeirah Jane says:

8 months 4 weeks ago
Did like this easy to read information. Would be interested to find out about other less known tips for great skin that you may have as well. JJ

Laure_Sejean says:

8 months 3 weeks ago
Hi JJ! Happy you liked the reading! As each skin is different how to get a great skin is really depending what skin issue you want to solve. But here are some of the skinecare hat I include one every other day: - If you feel that you're skin got dehydrated because of the hot weather or the AC, you might want to include in your skin routine a hyaluronic acide serum or cream, it will re-plump your skin and will give this youth effect. - If this is a matter of getting the brightness back, then having a boost with some Vitamin C serum can be another trick. - For any oily skin I always recommend to go for a gel base skin care, it's lighter that the cream and will better control the oil from your skin. Hope that helps! If you have any topics you would like to know more about in my next posts, let me know!

Michelle says:

9 months 5 days ago
Hi Laure, thankyou for the tips. What is the best to get rid of dark circles under my eyes? I've tried cucumber slices and other natural remedies which I prefer over cosmetics full of toxic ingredients, but still haven't found anything that reduces my dark rings. Best, Marion

Laure_Sejean says:

8 months 4 weeks ago
Hi Marion! Not sure how is your sleep routine, but having enough sleep is definitely helping in reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. A bad circulation under your eyes can cause dark circles too; massage your eyes morning and evening, when applying your eye cream, to stimulate blood circulation can help in reducing dark circles. Have you tried to apply cool tea bags under your eyes? If you like natural remedies, this one can help too.

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